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  1. Assemble at the White Hart Pub between 12.00pm and 13.45pm. 2pm-2.15pm walk down Sheepfoot Lane. 14.20pm return your unwanted scarf. 14.30pm Words of solidarity from "LOFT". 14.35pm Questions and Chants from the supporters.
  2. Unless one of the youngsters gets a run out it will be Eagles and Egert I guess. Will Maouche be our Sup Sub or will he play and score a hat trick before being substituted? (Tongue in cheek) Gateshead will have done their homework and know we have a history of starting slow and finishing half asleep. It's annoying that the Club haven't brought in a pair of Strikers before now - roll on January. In the meantime - COYB.
  3. 570 Tickets sold up until today Tuesday 5th November !!!!
  4. Once we reach the deadline for signing new and better players - September 2nd - Banide should know which players are capable of scoring goals and winning matches. If no players are brought in between now and Sept 2nd the match results will speak for themselves. If Banide has enough about him to speak to Abdallah and Mo in regards to bringing in talented players PRIOR to Sept 2nd - good for him. However, if no new players arrive and match results continue to be poor due to lack of goals scored - then it remains to be seen as to whether or not Banide will continue toiling with the existin
  5. I wouldn't mind betting that this could happen eventually and would be great for the Club and the Town itself - perhaps £50 per share?
  6. What are the consequences of having a worse season than the last one do you think? Seriously.
  7. 3rd August is not far off - is there any benefit to NOT signing SIX Quality Players that are capable of playing real football without any coaching?
  8. Just heard that Mick Priest and Chris Millington have been sacked by Abdallah.
  9. Chris O'Grady and Giles Coke are not in Morocco - getting fit and socialising with new team mates - and yet they have extended contracts. Are they training locally? Are we likely to buy or borrow any more players - especially Strikers, Centre Backs and a Winger? Are we looking like a promotion chasing team or do we have glaring omissions?
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