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  1. That must be why he went from Monaco to the Bulgarian first division...
  2. Whether he was the next Messi or not, this just screams a signing made by the owners. They take us for jokers.
  3. Out of genuine curiosity: do you think the current model the owner has is sustainable for the next 5+ years as a club?
  4. It's the end goal with your logic that puzzles me. We're here to win games and get promoted, not to add a few additions to a below average squad to keep us at this level of mid-table mediocrity. Granted, it takes time to build a squad, for them to gel, etc but it's been 12 years since we've even finished within the top 10. George Bush was still president then. The cherry on top is we have a new owner/manager telling us they're here to take us to the Championship. Not a fan of people settling for this standard of football whilst throwing pennies into the well and wishing for Jonny Smith. Anyone could easily point out where there are holes in this squad but are they enough to take us up? Will the current ownership's supposed plan allow it? Will it put us back where we deserve to be? Wouldn't put my house on it. If anything it'll just mean surviving relegation - again.
  5. Don't want this one to go missed so I'm bringing it back up. For starters, I love the away kit. Think it's a great homage to the days of Pine Villa and nice to see us move away from recent takes. Equally, I think the black third kit is very smart looking and something different; the stealthy look does well (Ajax, Dortmund, etc). With all that said, am I the only one feeling a bit deflated about the fact neither are unique? I understand it's easier for clubs to pick from manufacturer templates but seeing Kilmarnock wearing a blue version of our "125th anniversary kit" is a bit naff. Then seeing Pickford wearing our bespoke third kit... Well, here I am moaning once again. Bristol City have a great limited shirt this season. I don't make too much of our home one really; doesn't really seem to be much of a tribute. Just comes across as another home kit. Felt the club could have produced something much more memorable/retro than a template design this season. Sums us up really. One final point though - think someone on here corrected me: wasn't the red/white kit voted as our home?
  6. I've been nothing but cynical lately on here but sadly not expecting a win. Will be very shocked if we do, to say the least. Maybe 2-0 Crawley? Had a mixed started, had us 3-0 last season. The Wolves U21 win wasn't convincing at all imo. Very amateurish performance from Wolves even if we did knock 4 in. Can't see the team changing much either. Been saying that for about a year now...
  7. I'm glad we're being told when we're being punched in the face now by the club as opposed to finding out about it through an ITK Twitter account.
  8. This thread scares me; I hope there aren't people posting in here thinking Kewell is the problem and by replacing him we might see some success. Or do we need another 10 managers for us to realise he probably isn't picking the team/recruiting? Call me cynical. I prefer realistic/fed up.
  9. We’ll 100% go down with this team/performance. Shameful and embarrassing. 3-0 to Stevenage of all teams! Should’ve been more. Fair play to them for making us look like a Sunday league side - didn’t take much, mind you. Don’t give your money to the current ownership.
  10. 72 minutes and a shot! Here was negative me thinking it’d take 73 minutes...
  11. Big thanks Sadly you're probably right. PTB has been amazing in raising awareness, the past protests have helped give people a visible presence but I just don't see us being consistent enough in terms of actions to drive change. That said, I don't blame people really after the circus the last 20+ years have turned out to be; imagine it's just flogging a dead horse for most. I'm happy to see and read of their success, yes. Who wouldn't be after knowing you don't have to see Steve Dale posting his mad fantasies on your homepage every day or the Glazers bankrolling you just to make a purchase (tough life for them United fans, poor souls)? It's refreshing to read about clubs where fans are - gulp - happy. It doesn't necessarily mean fan ownership is the answer to our problems or to other lower league clubs' in the current climate but credit where credit is due, surely? The long and short of it is, as much as it pains us all to say, we're paying our own money to watch a club representing our town and getting a backhanded slap for it. Latics is part of what makes Oldham "Oldham". Can't speak for the Premier League days but the buzz about the place back when we beat Liverpool and got drawn against Everton back in 2013 was brilliant. From Shaw to Limeside people were actually... Happy (there it is again). The club means a lot to those who still care about it. The lack of success on the pitch (ties in with the other points), transparency from the board/ownership, poor management, disengagement and unclear future direction is appalling. If I had to sum up Latics in one word right now: disillusionment. Why should we be expected to keep paying for our own funeral? How much it costs to run the club in League One or Two is the current ownership's problem, not ours. They actively took that on board and were supposedly vetted by the EFL to be fit to fulfil that. Not sure if I'm reading this right but you seem to be vaguely gaslighting some other source for that. Makes me a little suspicious...
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