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  1. Disheartening isn't even the word. Unless some miracle happens, the end feels very nigh.
  2. Them leaving would help bring back those who were put off by the current ownership but that I think that's where the line would be drawn. Like PeteG said, it was short-lived once Corney went. To really see an increase - a long term one too, not just a "they're gone now so I'll go again" - we'd need new ownership, some solid marketing and the best season we've had since our Prem days, i.e. promotion with sustained success thereafter. Sadly we've become synonymous with being naff. Easy with us all being Oldham fans to forget but outside of the loop we're a write-off. Like someone said, if you want fans - especially fringe fans which the town is full of - you need to start winning games. Doesn't matter if the loyal are boycotting or not, attendances would increase even now but we'd need to become consistent. But the club is poorly marketed. Try ignoring the scores, forums, etc. for a bit and see how non-existent the club is about the town. Wouldn't even know we were there. As for social media, if you're not following Latics then it's a similar situation. Purely organic traffic won't do much in this day and age. Investment is needed badly. What makes it worse is frustrating the media team do an absolutely spot on job; sparkly graphics falling on deaf ears. To add to the social media point, this is the digital age and we have such poor online interaction. Look at what other clubs are doing: engaging with fans, generating interest via interactive posts, paid online ads, behind the scenes videos with players etc. Can't just keep uploading "It's Barrow this weekend" once a week. That club persona and relatability will strike a chord with everyone; Royle mastered that back in the early '90s. Just look at that video of Bahamboula with fans and how his own interaction - besides the magical football - has already given him legendary status...
  3. Great win tonight. Came up against another team that will be pushing for promotion (like Newport). We started really well and honestly felt a little lost seeing we were 2-0 down. Didn’t reflect what was happening on the pitch. To bring it back and even nearly seal the deal towards the end has given me hope with this squad. Shame on me for my negative posts. Bahamboula and Fage = absolute fire. Messi was sat in Paris taking notes tonight. Fage seems to vibe off Bahamboula’s play and the two just link up so well together. Both had flare about their play: clever passes, quick feet, always on their toes and making runs. Caused chaos down that right wing. 10/10 for the pair of them. Stobbs had a really good game too. Good deliveries, quite gritty, just really gave it his all. Really impressed with him. Hart and Pidge are a good pairing. Feel like Hart will progress over the season. Pidge wearing his heart on his sleeve throughout the whole game (as he did on Saturday too). DKD looked a little shaky again. Still very much involved but needs to release the ball a bit sooner and calm down when he has possession. Passion is there though. Same goes for Bowden tonight. Cissé had another good game. Seems to breeze about but is good at winning the ball back and feeding the play. Could do with being a bit more sharp in high pressure situations but I rate him. Blyth is nowhere near League Two level. Not gonna dig too hard because he’s a human being like us all but he shouldn’t be starting - let alone be alone up front. Frustration heard when he got subbed off. Shame really.
  4. Feel like today was a lot less doom and gloom as some people are making out. A fairly good performance from us and a loss to a team that was in the playoffs last year. Not like they were going to be easy. First half we moved the ball about brilliantly. The only thing we massively lacked was a striker and/or someone playing a striker in (two things we have but currently not available for selection). We were in dire need of someone willing to have a shot. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. Can’t argue with Wayne Gretzky on that. DKD had a poor game but won’t be as if Curle missed it. Needs to stop hoofing it, especially when the opposition are so deep in our half. Gifting possession to them. Cissé held his own pretty well, happy to see him go for it even if it went wide. Moves a bit slower but that’s his style and he was able to feed the play nicely. Luamba added something to the game when he came on. Bit of pace, was willing to go for the ball, bit of skill. Really rated his performance. To say we lacked something upfront, he helped add a bit of hope. Pidge had a brilliant game. Was good all over the field, caused big problems for them and was unlucky not to get a goal from his header. MOM-worthy. Sheehan also decent at the back. Solid defender, kinda guy you’d rather have on your team. Adams really the only source of attack for us. Some mixed deliveries but gave his best. Don’t recall seeing such poor reffing at BP like that in a long while though. Newport players dropping like flies. Their no. 2 was a shocker.
  5. Fair play to Hummel; each season they seem to deliver. Done a good job for other teams too.
  6. First season ever where I reckon we'll get relegated. Didn't even think that when we had Iacovitti at the back or Segbe up front. More than happy to be proven wrong. We could have Klopp or Pep as manager and it still wouldn't make a difference. The level of player we're attracting - or, rather, not able to attract - is so poor. Looking in league activity thread, there are so many great potential signings going elsewhere - even to the National League. I think people overthink the League Two standard far too much. The club mindset doesn't seem great going off what Davies and Wheater have alluded to. Again, we could have a great team and with that still struggle. Just draining knowing yet another poor season is waiting for us. Can't see at what point it's supposed to improve and, as we've all learned, anything can happen between now and Christmas. As if we were told we were aiming for the Championship in 5 years...
  7. Anyone have any info on who the sponsor will be and/or when it will be added?
  8. One of my favourites of all time this new kit. Crisp, modern meets retro, proper Latics look about it. The badge fits nicely as well. Basic design but less is the new more nowadays. Least it gives us some identity. Might be an unpopular opinion on here but the old one we’re all used to has had its day imo. The club needs to reinvent itself. Absolutely. Thought I was the only one who noticed this. Proper nice touch.
  9. I'm glad we're being told when we're being punched in the face now by the club as opposed to finding out about it through an ITK Twitter account.
  10. This thread scares me; I hope there aren't people posting in here thinking Kewell is the problem and by replacing him we might see some success. Or do we need another 10 managers for us to realise he probably isn't picking the team/recruiting? Call me cynical. I prefer realistic/fed up.
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