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  1. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/football/harry-kewells-furious-bustup-with-crawley-town-fans-restrained-by-own-players-and-security/news-story/3cb196c4f63e8a1897b2333a65e175a8 Just substitute Crawley Town for Oldham Athletic and it’s probably a glimpse into the future. Granted he’ll have the benefit of playing behind closed doors to begin with but if the squad is poor and we get off to a bad start I can see it ending poorly before Christmas.
  2. Just checked. Money came out 4th March. We paid for them up Saturday the 2nd. He was gone 10 days later! Think a few got a refund if I remember rightly. Either way, this year will be interesting.
  3. We definitely were. It’s why I bought one. But he was gone by the tine I picked it up.
  4. I wasn’t going to renew last year and then did on the back of nostalgia, habit, and the Paul Scholes appointment. That worked out well . . . Season ticket sales were down last year but how many renewed on the back of Scholes’ appointment? Surely that’s an extra few, like myself, that may have decided to, once again, give it another go who otherwise wouldn’t have. This year will be very interesting with Dino’s terrible brand of football to look forward to, two available stands, BO and MO still in place, and a winding up petition on the horizon.
  5. A disgraceful email from the club. It’s understandable that health and safety should be a priority and the issues needed sorting (the rumour is they have been) but OAFC’s message to the fans that have STs in that stand should be that the club will honour the early bird pricing and discounts once the issues are resolved. Not a thinly veiled threat. I understand that they have given fans the chance to purchase a ticket in an alternative part of the ground but with little reassurance that there is any resolution to this issue on the horizon - simply buy a ticket for another seat (arg
  6. On paper, this is a decent set of players (not team) at this level. For me, from our squad, it I’d be Sylla. He wins the ball and gives it to McCann and he looks for Maouche. Problem is, Maouche is usually too deep.
  7. We’d struggle with this brand of football and this squad next year if that was the case.
  8. Agreed. People were unimpressed at Carlisle when the late change was made and Zeus was clearly bemused during warmup. How things change.
  9. First of all, most of squad is non league standard. The way I see it, this league is horrendous. I’m yet to see one decent team. I thought FGR looked well drilled first game of the year but they were as woeful as us on Sat. Was at Bradford, Mansfield and Salford home and away and they were night and day games. Even before the sendings off Mansfield should have been 4 up. They all convincingly beat us but were average in the next meeting. Seems every team has shaky defence. A midfield that cannot consistently accurately deliver a final ball and a forward line that struggle to hit t
  10. Nail on the head. Tactics should be, ‘Danny, where do you want the ball?’ ’Hear that lads? Feed him’. Why Dino feels he has to change Rowe’s game is beyond me. Smith and Dearnley seem to suit Rowe’s game. Just let him do his thing.
  11. To be fair, anything is better than that one under Scholes that ended up on the roof of the Chaddy end!
  12. I can only assume it is because they genuinely don’t care. The same as the club have clearly started some sort of b grade media assault on Twitter: seemingly scooping up old accounts and starting new ones with pro AL rhetoric. The fact that these patsies are mocking the size of the last protest tells you all you need to know about their attitude towards the dissatisfaction fans are feeling. I hope it backfires and it inspires more to go and make some noise on the 7th.
  13. Ask me in February. How many of those will be here then? I’d put money on none.
  14. Completely agree. Absolutely woeful. They were garbage as well but we were even worse.
  15. I agree with all you are saying although Byrne and Doyle seem to doing alright. Just pointing out that the deal we offered to Maynard was the lowest he received including deals from a couple of non league clubs. I do not blame him for choosing Mansfield. But we cannot talk about scrimping and saving when we have Vera, Sefil, Maouche, et al on our books and our sporting director thinks he’s doing a good job.. I would rather have the likesof one Maynard than all of the . Yet I also agree that Dino has frozen them out and is, in my opinion, weeding the likes of them out. Bottom line:
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