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  1. yes i agree but you dont get expiereance sat on the side lines
  2. interesting to see if callum dolans involved this weekend,as ive stated he will score goals his ability on the pitch isnt in doubt,just needs to fully understand what being a professional on an off the pitch takes,if he cant get that then hes wasting his and everyone elses time
  3. sad thing is this lad really coulda been part of the solution to the current issue of lack of fire power ,and no doubt if he woulda knuckled down he woulda been involved in the last few games,but unfortunetly chose to become part of the problem 3 steps forward,4 steps backwards,own worst enemy
  4. The best players have it engrained early on that assisting is just as good as scoring a goal,it's quite simple, you should look at percentages,if you believe you only have a 50 %chance of scoring,but there's a pass on and that player has a better chance of scoring,u have to pass the ball,it's not about personal glory,but your team winning has to come first everytime and making those right decisions for your team, last game Callum had a chance to volley it on edge of the box but chances are the shot would of been blocked,so he played the ball, but I'm sure the manager will pick up on these thin
  5. Ok unsure of rules regarding connections so best not say to much,just like forums for honest non bias feedback
  6. Another good game,hoping the lads take the confidence forward ,should be a good test
  7. Yep,on Liverpool go, have to subscribe to monthly service for £4.99
  8. To say you pay no interest in the clubs academy and new signings that will be on show tonight,well that's a real shame for the future of the club with that type of supporter mindset
  9. Haha I get you,erm can't get rid of this emoji,ignore it
  10. I agree,this is him in the link ,shooting practice against wrexams Christian dibble,great technique,the boy will score
  11. Can I ask where you've heard that from? As I've seen nothing officially released yet? And is this lad any good,he was the lad in the first half of the Stockport game,only seen highlights,anyone at the game have an opinion on him?
  12. Any idea if that's the same trialist who played first half from last game
  13. Why do you ask who played number 15, was he shocking to?
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