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  1. Stott over Mills baffles me Although he might be injured
  2. Today a Carlisle player got two yellows therefore seeking a 1 match ban. Carlisle have Wolves u21 on Tuesday in the EFL cup, anyone know weather this ban will get deducted or carry on to Saturday against us
  3. I take that back now Na I prefer segbe over Wilson he makes a bigger impact Well presented in agreeing with you Maybe after 70 mins but then it will finish 3-3
  4. This is a joke I was so surprised at possibly our best player going to the team at the bottom of the national league Then Banide went i was shocked but though ok hopefully we can sign somebody decent now, then I saw this new manager and read into him and he’s just been sacked from the team at the rock bottom in our league, if he’s not successful there I really do begin to wonder how he’s going to do with abdullah bossing him around
  5. we are playing good football and I fancy us at home to a pretty poor team anyone else?
  6. Watching the hi-lights back it’s nit like they scored good goals is was just poor defending 1st we didn’t win a header to clear it away and the second he just ran through the defence and slotted it away
  7. After a game at scunny, we would pick morecambe or Stevenage for our next game at home, and it’s morecambe who are pretty crap at the moment and just lost 1-0 to Walsall. Surely a win to take us a few places up the league, but I remember last year a really late equaliser taking two points off us. This whole late conceding goals thing has to stop and put some discipline into the defence. Come on you blues
  8. We played ok Saturday, if we take our chances and defend well we should beat them, although they did just win 3-0 at home
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