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  1. I’ve gone for no. If we end up in the National League we’re never coming back.
  2. Everytime I see highlights of that side from October-December I have to remind myself that the team on show got relegated.
  3. Big fan of Maouche loves a sulk but obviously technically better than League 2. He'll no doubt leave on a free and storm it at some other side next season.
  4. Early twitter rumours suggesting Dino’s been shown the door.
  5. M8 I was there. Went on to explain we had the most valuable but we’d be 2nd if Doyle stayed at Swindon. Not arsed like but weird hill to die on.
  6. I’m more or less certain he said Swindon, not Stevenage.
  7. That would be a good start and a show of some sort of intention following the Q&A. What Azankpo seriously lacks is positional sense, along with a lot of other things. If you ever watch him he literally just runs around and I think Dino doesn't mind that #GPSLads. At least with Rowe we could have someone who knows where to be and where to run. We've had so many games recently where we look OK in possession pass it around outside the box, try cut inside and find no one.
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