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  1. Garrity put in some dangerous crosses yesterday, for a man totally incapable of reaching his man with a direct pass. If we're stuck with him, perhaps Kewell should be encouraging him to get wide and instead of trying to hit a man, just get the ball across into a dangerous area?
  2. Yes. agree with all of that - he's certainly let down by is decision making. His decision to come here was perhaps his biggest mistake. But your point concerns what he directly affects on the pitch. Indirectly, because teams are shit scared of anyone who can run at them and is capable of getting passed one or two defenders they over mark him leaving space that others could thrive in, even when he doesn't have the ball, that is if we had anyone who could pass it to them.
  3. Thought it was Bahamboulah who changed the game. As soon as he came on he had 2 or 3 defenders watching him leaving loads of space for Garrity's but especially DKD's runs, and still DKD managed to balls it up a couple of times.
  4. He's a great shot stopper, and made a fine save second half from that shot that went through the legs of CBJ, but his indecision with high balls is just another contributory factor in the shakiness of our defence.
  5. Yes, but a lot of the free headers opposing teams have had against us have been on or inside the 6 yard box, and a keeper more confident in the air and his ability to catch a ball, would at least have come for some of them, instead of staying rooted to the goal line, or like last night frustrated by his own inadequacies succumbing to a rush of blood to the head, and chasing out after an impossible ball.
  6. "I'd love to get a striker in to put more pressure on my strikers......" I really have to think he was just deflecting there. I want to believe that for the sake of squad morale he hasn't singled out our dis-functional midfield, and that they are trying to bring someone in. That, or Mo has a striker lined up and he has to lump it. If this isn't the case I'll just go back to my original opinion of him as a hopeless dreamer.
  7. Probably true, but he is one of the very very few in this team that can actually pass a ball.
  8. Yes it was a cracking strike and I'm perhaps being hard on him, but he seemed to see it very late, perhaps because he didn't have a clear view - garrity in the way? and flapped at it after it had passed him. View from behind the goal would have been useful to clear that up. I put no blame on him for the second.
  9. Or for their first for that matter. Nor Garrity who seemed to duck under the ball.
  10. Keillor-Dunn much better when he doesn't touch the ball.
  11. Anyone know if they're allowed 5 separate substitutions, or if they have to complete them in 3 windows as in Spain?
  12. Does the same thing every week when he's interviewing Kewell.
  13. The ifollow administration is poor and the match day help is worse and often surly. The only thing better this season is a slightly clearer picture, and less buffering. The refund I got was on the 22nd July of €24.70. It only showed up on my credit card and was not paid directly into my account.
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