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  1. Burton win again and according to the BBC: "A first half devoid of any real chances burst into life in the last minute of normal time when Tom Hamer's long throw caused havoc in the home defence."
  2. Same for me. In the last few games he’s shown that given time and space he can pick out a nice pass, but as yet I’ve never seen him win a tackle and is far too easily brushed off the ball. This essential part of his game, the ability to fight and scrap has to improve for him to make it even at this level. It’s encouraging to see that Alfie has done this since he came, so that’s one example for him.
  3. As has been pointed out by numerous posters, Curle’s not bringing him on in the second half against Scunthorpe was an error. At some time in our matches he has to feature. Whether it’s from the start, or as a second half impact substitution, I’m easy with.
  4. No dispute about the number of assists. 7 in 31 matches, but none in his last 7 appearances. This suggests that now teams have learned to crowd him out his effectiveness has diminished and he’s not getting the ball through to all those spare men. If his passing was as good as the rest of his play, then he'd be way off those assist charts.
  5. Not that relevant if he's got his head down and can't see them to give them the ball. The fact that he's playing at our level seems to indicate that's a problem that has never been solved.
  6. Me too, and I agree with you, but he did have lots of time and space yesterday, possibly because Bradford were going full tilt pressing our back three.
  7. Ifollow aren't too hot on passwords. Half way through last season when I logged on I couldn't see the game. The friendly reception I got from the online help was firstly to accuse me of illegal streaming. Then after a long series of questions (I was missing the game) they decided that I'd have to change my password, so I did and managed to watch the second half. For the next game the new password wouldn't work so I tried the old one which has worked fine right up to now.
  8. He did do very well, and his ball control seems to be improving, but by the time he got on Vale were knackered after all that pressing and it wasn't so tough for him.
  9. Up now on the official https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2021/march/08032021-keith-curle-appointment/
  10. Last week Kewell skipped the Garrity question, but this week he did say he was injured.
  11. Possibly some foundations here? https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2021/march/05032021-murray-academy-update/
  12. Thanks. I checked it on the official match preview and it was confirmed. It was 20:45 (I'm an hour ahead) on my phone right up to 3pm this afternoon.
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