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  1. I think with the resources we have this is about all we can do on Saturday, but neither Hope nor DKD looked like goal scoring forward players last night. Diarra is the other issue for me, he looks so far out of his depth. Zero technical ability and a walking yellow card/penalty conceder
  2. I am sure almost all the fans who took the time, money and effort to get there last night did not go with the intention of giving the players what for, but the only alternative was to turn your back at the final whistle and walk out seething at what had just happened (which is what I did). There can be no blame on the fans for their reaction at the end, it was a scarcely believable performance from every player on the pitch.
  3. It did seem that way, though I was a bit pre-occupied with my own misery at the performance on the pitch to pay too much attention.
  4. Yes, that continuing theme that the fan base is not properly united in either accepting the mess we are in, or how we fix it
  5. I was at the game tonight and this is a very accurate summary of what I was watching. A couple of thoughts to add how can a side be so unbelievably badly prepared as we looked in the first half? The 3/5 at the back set up was an absolute car crash. Rovers looked a poor team, but after about fifteen minutes they worked out a simple way to get behind us and then spent most of the rest of the first half repeating the same play to great effect. Only their ineptitude in front of goal stopped the game being out of sight at half time. we had to go 442 at half time, and whilst that helped to stem the flow a bit it did bring Diarra onto the pitch. His booking about 20 seconds after coming on kind of set the tone for a second half of general shithousery and zero quality. to me there was an irony that introducing Diarra and Blyth actually helped us to have a better shape despite both players being many levels below the minimum standard required to compete at this level (unpopular opinion but Fage at right back in a back four might have been a better option in the 2nd half than Diarra) it was a terrible performance against a team that unless things change (eg sack Barton or swap half the team) on the evidence of tonight are likely to finish in the bottom six or eight this season. many people say that there is too much shit in this division for Latics to go down. I’m afraid based on tonight’s performance I’m not at all sure about that. we need to find a shape and a playing pattern that gets our better technical players into the game in more dangerous positions (Moyo, Adams, probably Hope, maybe DKD). Passing it along the back line until someone makes a mistake or Pidge gets bored and hoofs it for a goal kick is undoubtedly not an approach that is likely to work. We are also crying out for a centre forward. the players took plenty of flak at the end of the game, and for what was served up tonight they probably deserved it. However, they are not to blame for the shit show that our football club has become, and I hope the crowd gets behind them at the weekend when it’s 0-0 again and maybe Keef can get some kind of tune out of them. finally there was plenty of “Abdallah out” chanted tonight along with some stick for the so called “happy clappers” in the seats. Welcome back to watching the football. What a mess.
  6. I agree with this. we are miles away from a top 10 squad. The players that Lee Sinnott mentioned plus Adams, maybe the blossoming DKD and at a push Grant are all we have got, the rest are way off. There is only one defender in this OK list, one (!), and he’s just a kid who has played half a season of league football. Fortunately what we have got is some excellent attacking flair in the group, who as we have seen have scored enough wonder goals to win us a few games, but as I said in another thread Kewell may have just begun to lose these players with his somewhat eccentric ways and if that’s the case then we could be in trouble. Assuming we hang on to our league status though, I would keep him, as the prospect of who we might get next is terrifying.
  7. Very good post this, summed up much of what I was enduring last night. I know it might be a bit knee jerk, but watching a performance as utterly hopeless as that one makes me worry that the wheels might be coming off. the players appeared clueless and/or disinterested, almost as if they couldn’t understand the way they were set up and what the team selection (both pre and post the mass substitutions) was all about. the window looks as though it has weakened us, and added an extra level of tinkering opportunity/confusion with 7 loanees to shuffle around each game. Why is Tasdemir anywhere near the starting 11? why do we look lightweight going forward and chaotic at the back why are players played out of position? I am concerned that Mo is now right back in the thick of things calling the shots, add to that Kewell’s obvious desire to be seen as a tactical genius despite not being one (although I do give him credit for wanting to attack and score goals) plus the most shambolic defending (whoever plays) week in week out and I am a bit worried. we know there is not much between any of the teams this season, so as much as that gave us hope that we could string some wins together, it also means we could get beat by anyone. Lose the next two, which are both tough games, and we will be looking over our shoulder.
  8. Do you know if there is a single tenancy agreement covering the whole ground etc, or was a new agreement put in place for the NS after it was built, with another agreement for the remaining parts of BP?
  9. Like I said in reply to Kowenicki I didn’t mean that others were blaming MK, just that AL deserves our ire, not a fellow fan for pointing out what is going on.
  10. I didn’t mean that others were blaming Keegan, just pointing out that AL is the one responsible for this mess. My view is that discord amongst fans won’t help us to find a way forwards whereas highlighting the issues can do us no harm and may help to bring change. I presume Corney’s desperation to sell and his skill in finding a muppet stupid enough to swallow the deal on offer is the reason we got AL. As for Blitz, I don’t know the facts well at all. I know he owns the North Stand, but does he own the rest of the ground too? Whatever part(s) he owns I suppose it all comes down to rentals and yields in determining what the asset is worth, and even the North Stand probably derives most of its value from the rental income paid by the football club. The fact that it is so difficult to see a win win for landlord and tenant (when the tenant wants to buy the asset but is priced out of doing so because of the rental the tenant has previously agreed to pay) is probably why the whole thing is a mess. I do not see a situation where Al ever owns the ground and the club, I do though see a situation where Blitz is forced to sell cheap to ano in order to cut his losses rather than lose everything. We will probably have ceased to be as a football club in our current form by then.
  11. Enjoyed listening, thanks again to Matt and for Mike for coming on and giving us his views. it is interesting that some on here choose to criticise Mike for his views on the Salford game rather than reflect on the bigger points he spoke about. His mistrust of the Lemsagams has been consistently voiced on social media and he was able to persuade the editor of a national newspaper to give column inches to publicise the facts and truths about what is happening at our club. I think he deserves a bit of credit for that. I don’t know how to solve our problems, nor what will happen if Al ups sticks and takes his cheque book away. It feels like a long road back from that point if we end up there. All of the above points Mike makes are true and you can add that the Joe Royle stand didn’t appoint his clueless and unqualified brother to take charge of football strategy, recruitment and to ‘advise’ the likes of Paul Scholes, Harry Kewell, Frank Bunn and Pete Wild on which players to pick and how to set up a team (big plug for Pete Wild on the WDSL pod here, great interview and confirms that PW knew he had no future under our current owner) The club is in real trouble and that is 100% Al’s responsibility and 0% due to Mike Keegan.
  12. Agreed. Tranmere looking like the kind of outfit that will finish right up there. Apart from the teams already in the top 7, Mansfield or Bradford could make it to the play offs. Despite continued optimism (or blind faith) in some quarters I just can’t see us winning 11 or 12 of our last 20 games to get past the minimum 70 points needed. The defence is poor and performances are too inconsistent, even though we’ve got the firepower this season (something we did not have in the last two years). Shame.
  13. If we have missed out on signing a Centre Half, which was an absolute necessity, I guess we can still get one who is currently out of contract. However, do rules permit one club to cancel the contract of a player (with that players agreement) thus allowing another club to then sign that player up as a free agent (after the window has closed)? We need a centre half so this is a question made in desperation as the window closes in an hour. It is though also relevant to the Wheater situation. He hasn’t been sold, meaning we have to shell out the four odd grand a week until the end of the season, unless we can cancel his contract to allow another club to take him? FWIW I think we have shuffled the deckchairs this window. Rowe was a loss, though probably a sensible bit of business (given Mo or Abs had clearly pissed him off) and Adams and Hilssner have helped to compensate for this by giving us better midfield options (although Adams is playing at right back!) We remain in disarray at the back however, so overall we have probably gone from a default performance being a 3-2 loss to being a kind of lose 2-1 type of team. When I’ve posted before I’ve said we are a 13th to 18th side in this division. I’ve no reason to change my view based on: recent performances; this transfer window; the continuing evidence that we are not building a squad for next season; an increasing feeling of confusion regarding Kewell’s teams and set ups; and the fact that Mo continues to be spotted on the training ground.
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