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  1. I agree with this. we are miles away from a top 10 squad. The players that Lee Sinnott mentioned plus Adams, maybe the blossoming DKD and at a push Grant are all we have got, the rest are way off. There is only one defender in this OK list, one (!), and he’s just a kid who has played half a season of league football. Fortunately what we have got is some excellent attacking flair in the group, who as we have seen have scored enough wonder goals to win us a few games, but as I said in another thread Kewell may have just begun to lose these players with his somewhat eccentric ways and if tha
  2. Very good post this, summed up much of what I was enduring last night. I know it might be a bit knee jerk, but watching a performance as utterly hopeless as that one makes me worry that the wheels might be coming off. the players appeared clueless and/or disinterested, almost as if they couldn’t understand the way they were set up and what the team selection (both pre and post the mass substitutions) was all about. the window looks as though it has weakened us, and added an extra level of tinkering opportunity/confusion with 7 loanees to shuffle around each game
  3. Do you know if there is a single tenancy agreement covering the whole ground etc, or was a new agreement put in place for the NS after it was built, with another agreement for the remaining parts of BP?
  4. Like I said in reply to Kowenicki I didn’t mean that others were blaming MK, just that AL deserves our ire, not a fellow fan for pointing out what is going on.
  5. I didn’t mean that others were blaming Keegan, just pointing out that AL is the one responsible for this mess. My view is that discord amongst fans won’t help us to find a way forwards whereas highlighting the issues can do us no harm and may help to bring change. I presume Corney’s desperation to sell and his skill in finding a muppet stupid enough to swallow the deal on offer is the reason we got AL. As for Blitz, I don’t know the facts well at all. I know he owns the North Stand, but does he own the rest of the ground too? Whatever part(s) he owns I suppose it all
  6. Enjoyed listening, thanks again to Matt and for Mike for coming on and giving us his views. it is interesting that some on here choose to criticise Mike for his views on the Salford game rather than reflect on the bigger points he spoke about. His mistrust of the Lemsagams has been consistently voiced on social media and he was able to persuade the editor of a national newspaper to give column inches to publicise the facts and truths about what is happening at our club. I think he deserves a bit of credit for that. I don’t know how to solve our problems, nor what will
  7. Agreed. Tranmere looking like the kind of outfit that will finish right up there. Apart from the teams already in the top 7, Mansfield or Bradford could make it to the play offs. Despite continued optimism (or blind faith) in some quarters I just can’t see us winning 11 or 12 of our last 20 games to get past the minimum 70 points needed. The defence is poor and performances are too inconsistent, even though we’ve got the firepower this season (something we did not have in the last two years). Shame.
  8. If we have missed out on signing a Centre Half, which was an absolute necessity, I guess we can still get one who is currently out of contract. However, do rules permit one club to cancel the contract of a player (with that players agreement) thus allowing another club to then sign that player up as a free agent (after the window has closed)? We need a centre half so this is a question made in desperation as the window closes in an hour. It is though also relevant to the Wheater situation. He hasn’t been sold, meaning we have to shell out the four odd grand a week until the end of the
  9. I have almost got to the end of this episode. Thanks to Matt for all the brilliant work he does in bringing the podcast to us each week. It’s always entertaining, relevant and interesting and goes right to the heart of what it means to support Latics. The guests are always interesting to listen to and speak as fans but as realists too, always with a sense of perspective and without taking their support of the team too seriously. Please keep going for as long as you feel able to Matt. I can’t wait for the episode with Barry Mo and Marco when they explain why they reported
  10. I didn’t watch the game. The comments on here and on Twitter repeat a common theme and these as well as the result highlight the weaknesses in the team that are glaringly obvious. We need: Midfield ‘yard dogs’ who can win 2nd ball and then find a 15 yard pass to get us moving, or play the channels to give us a bit of territory and invite our better players to do their thing A right back who can defend when we don’t have the ball and then when we get it be the recipient of the above 15 yard pass to get us moving (maybe we need a left back as well based on tonig
  11. This point is spot on. The evidence that Marco and or Mo can’t handle senior pros is overwhelming and is probably the biggest factor as to why I doubt we will make the team changing signings required for a playoff push. Add to that we haven’t got the money to bring in these type of players, although whether there are many really good ones actually ready to come in and do a job from day 1 is debatable anyway (ie there are 10 Chris Eagles/Dave Jones for every Chris McCann).
  12. I don’t think we will get near the play offs because we throw in too many bad performances. I agree, on our day, we are as good as any team, those results prove that. We have to close the gap on the top seven and it takes a higher % of win games to go from 15th to 7th than it does to go from 23rd to 15th. All teams lose their share of games due to some bad luck, coming up against an opposition who have a really good day, or having to go with a sub standard team due to injuries. The better teams don’t then waste points when things are (or should be) in their favour (ie we shoul
  13. I enjoyed the first half. We looked really compact and committed and the players were able to cope thanks to the strange lacklustre approach from Bournemouth. We should have been in front at half time, and Bahamboula looked by far the best payer on the pitch. Unfortunately, Bournemouth got a rocket at half time and that plus a couple of tactical changes from their coach (it seemed like HK was ripping into him pretty much every time he was on camera “my coat cost much more than yours did, wanker”) and the game was gone. In the 2nd half our frailties were exposed, primari
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