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  1. In any work place there are people who hate going to work every day. A football dressing room is no different ....there are people in there who simply don’t want to play football....CBJ may be one
  2. Ummm.....what words are omitted in that ellipsis?
  3. Blimey..... says he who doesn’t even use a capital letter for his own name
  4. Too many years listening to CMJ on Test Match Special !
  5. A Manchester lawyer friend......but if you think about it . An 18 year breaks into Uniteds first team and is then offered a new contract ....£0.5 million a year seems very conservative by premier league standards?
  6. We have ....we aren’t paying it but CMJ is on £10k per week........on that evidence we might need more than half a million
  7. It is a serious answer.....I think we need a keeper a left back a couple of midfielders and some pace up front. Given that we haven’t got them we can fiddle around the edges as much as we want but if you haven’t got 11 players who are good enough you have an impossible dilemma what ido believe is that you pick players who can do things that others can’t...so for me the likes of Maouche play while the likes of Mills are ten a penny.......given what we have got I would have to pick Woods Hamer Wheater Pidge CMJ. Smith Maouche Mc Cann Dearnley and Rowe ...take your pick for the 11 th
  8. As a Yorkshireman would tell you when you ask for directions ....” I wouldn’t have started from here lad”
  9. There is a lot you have not heard of and you demonstrate it endlessly
  10. Oh dear ..trying too hard,! .....dropped post Mansfield and then on bench
  11. A clown in Chipperfield’s circus......who did you think he was?
  12. Let’s hope so but he too was not saving anything and deserved to be dropped at the time
  13. Absolutely but Renaldo and Messi would struggle if their goalkeeper threw one in his own net at regular intervals
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