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  1. Like I said I don't see it as a bad thing I think PTB have put themselves across really well, it may just be that they all know the same web designer if they're all local to each other. So it might just prove they are a group of local fans and not some unknown outsiders with no connection to the club like some suggest.
  2. Check out the 2 sites - http://pushtheboundary.co.uk and http://boundaryparkstadium.co.uk using https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/2811sportmedia.co.uk both sites are on the same server according to their 'a' record. Could be possible that they've both got the same hosting, there are just over 14,000 sites on that server But then I looked at how the sites were built using https://www.wpthemedetector.com both sites use are using the exact same wordpress theme - https://themeforest.net/item/experience-showcase-wordpress-theme/14352565 which has only had 202 sales which narrows i
  3. I've got a feeling that the FLG are in some way connected the PTB lads. Not that, that is a bad thing in my opinion. I quite like the PTB lot, they seem very organised and proactive, but there is definitely a link somewhere between the two.
  4. It’s nothing to do with the volume, the guy just didn’t speak clearly and you could only make out certain things he said. But you know that don’t you if you’ve listened to it? If you managed to hear it all so very clearly, I’m sure people would appreciate a typed up version of what he said. We both know that’s not going to happen though is it? Can I ask you again, do you think it’s a bit funny that the club paid up their pension arrears a couple of days before a fans forum, where it was pretty obvious someone would ask if they had settled them?
  5. He said the pension payments had been made a couple of days ago’. Funny that the club made the payments a couple of days before a fans forum after taking over 18 months earlier wouldn’t you say? No proof as yet other than him saying so, that this has actually happened yet.
  6. To be honest I couldn’t make out much of what he said so I’m not sure if he can read or did understand it. No I’m not generalising, the whole group seem to be confused about what they’ve bought, what they own, what they don’t own, what the manager can do, what the manager can’t do. It’s no surprise they’re getting confused about the price of meat pie and peas.
  7. I think it’s been proved beyond any doubt on Thursday that the current board are particularly bad at reading / understanding pretty much any legal document.
  8. Spot on Lags, he's happy to criticise volunteers for the exact same things he defends the club on day in day out. I think you're right about the jealousy thing too. Pretty sad really.
  9. So 2 seasons where he clearly was good enough isn’t proof, but 4 games is? Like your logic ? Sheridan made mistakes but the circus master more than contributed to the problems. If you want some hypothetical reasoning, I’ll give you some. corney has proved he’s a crap businessman over the years. That’s not going to change if we get new investment. If corney manages to stay on in some capacity he’ll continue to mess things up. It doesn’t matter who is manager or how much money gets thrown at it, he’ll balls things up. Sheridan made mistakes this season, but dragged us out of the shit
  10. Agree with you, but I think Corney gets the grief because he is the link and has put himself in that position. He’s not interested in finding revenue streams into the club, his work is mainly finding revenue streams out of the club. I know I’ll get slated for saying that, with people saying we don’t make any money. That’s the point, as a business, which sadly football clubs are nowadays we’re crap. The buck has to stop with him for that. He is the reason why we are crap and I’m sure that’s why the investment is moving slowly. If I had money to invest I wouldn’t go near a club led by him. Thin
  11. Exactly how Corney likes to do business, off the record and under the radar. I’ve no idea if the trust have already tried what you’ve suggested, but they’d get shot down on here if they went about things like that. They can’t win either way with people. They’re just trying to do their best and protect the interests of the fans and the club. They’ve been very professional about the way they’ve gone about things, shame the same can’t be said for Corney.
  12. I’d say it’s the exact opposite. I think the Trust are doing exactly what they should be doing. How can they engage with a new investor when they’ve been given no details. How are they supposed accept change when there is nothing to accept. I’m pretty sure they’d love to engage and get involved, but that’s the problem. Our bellend owner is playing his usual cloak and dagger routine. Crack on Underdog and the Trust, you’re doing a great job.
  13. To be honest this is the first time that I've actually believed that this investment might happen. It makes a lot more sense now this guys name has been mentioned. The problem I was having was all these new players coming in. The lower league French players just wouldn't be on the radar of anyone currently at the club. So the only way I could see them being identified and bought is via Lemsagam, which we know isn't technically compliant with the FA Laws. By bringing in this new manager it cuts out that problem and it can be explained that he is recruiting these new players. It may well b
  14. So if the club has to follow a similar process to that bullet pointed list we're somewhere around point 3 out of 10? Not even half way there really. How have we managed to bring in all these new players when we were under a transfer embargo very early on in the transfer window? Where is the money coming from? If we are just at 3/10 of the negotiations bringing in these new players is a massive risk if things fall through. If we're further along and assurances have been made then surely this should have been discussed at board level and the Trust should have been made fully aware?
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