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  1. Evening one and all Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my trespassing on your territory. It was obviously a bit of a stupid/ brave risk venturing on here asking about your perceptions of all things Stoke City. I’ve seen the whole range of tones/ comments haven’t I?! Nothing has really surprised me in terms of positives or negatives. Given the Pulis years/ our recent political trends/ the caper of a section of our support over the years... I knew what was coming. We are divisive club in the sense that folk seem either charmed by us (plenty of begrudgingly
  2. Hello folks – Stoke fan here in peace. I work on the ‘Duck’ fanzine and I’m planning a different type of article for our next issue – out whenever something approaching normal matchdays return to our lives once more. I aim to ask supporters of several clubs 5 questions about their perceptions of Stoke City in order a to create a big feature article “Us and Them.” For the following questions, feel free to answer in varied depth/ brevity but a couple of sentences at least for each is ideal: 1. Generally how do you see Stoke City the club – a rival? Non-ent
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