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  1. Romour of a £900k + tax bill left over from 2017 HMRC case does he have/ is wiling enough to pay that off ? Is the question
  2. could be worse could be getting beat 1-0 at home to wycomb massive club
  3. that was the first supprise my partners parents got when they visited down here how cheap our fish suppers were yet they live in a fishing port strange
  4. can highly recomend traveling up the east coast to visit the Gayfield Arbroath and see the red lechies in action currently in third place in the scotish champion ship possibley britains highest placed semi pro club . be warned if you do wrap up the Gay field lies right on the coast literaly 100 feet from the north sea makes BP on a january tuesday night positivley tropical .also the area has both the Dundee clubs Montrose & Brechin city close by . nice for a mini tour .
  5. Question to @PTB etc what next yesterday was a fantastic show of strength of feeling how do we maintain the pressure ?
  6. May be the bar staff who have been stood down for tommorow?
  7. Was thinking along those lines folk in a continuous stream crossing in front stops the coach but cant be arrested if you dont stop in road .do it just after the roundabout for B&Q . No violence towards pools coach just block its path .
  8. Does have an approx time the visiting team coach usualy arrives at BP?
  9. Anyone looking for banners or stickers mate based in Ashton banners upto 2ft drop anylength plus sheets of stickers https://www.facebook.com/StickySitu/
  10. A badge lots of crap players and a lot of debt allegedly
  11. Rumored to be between £6m & £10m so anyone wanting to buy can just sit back and wait for admin and pick it up for a lot less
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