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  1. job done float outlandish deal that nobody would agree to give £50m sop to lower leagues after no doubt getting more consesions continue sucking every penny out of the sport you can untill you kill it
  2. so that's all the current championship Sunderland Ipswich noblot Wigan if they had a chairman plus the other championship wannabes .whatever happens we will have very little say and will be run roughshod over by the big boys
  3. I would say the future for latics is pretty bleak whether these clowns remain or not
  4. wonder what will happen to the eufa trophy spot that the winners of the FL cup Earn ? keep the FL trophy fuck the prem clubs off along with the kickabout cup but keep the Eufa spot chance for the smaller clubs to get there
  5. the window is still open and the clowns are skint so that coule change
  6. because thanks to the clowns in charge nobody is prepared to loan us anyone descent our reputation proceeds us
  7. ive sussed kewwels tactics hes using the revers royal system we score three you score four !
  8. bottom of the whole football league if you had told me that in May 1991 I would of laughed tragic what has been done to our club
  9. you mean" hoofball "? didn't we get rid of amanager for playing that style?
  10. that second article basicky reads like a story board for us over the last ten years
  11. wasn't there someone looking at moving a club to the Isle of man around the time of the MK Dons move and there is an Isle of man team just entered the football pyramid ?
  12. and this is what I fear we have the trust ptb flg plus no doubt chuckle and his mates all of whom will be viaing for the title of the one twu successor to the clowns and if we do not unite quickly the opportunity to rebuild will be lost
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