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  1. youve not been to cadishead then the inbreeding there is stupifying
  2. We as a supporter group have a long tradition of raising money for charity with sponsored walks usualy revolving around the first/local games ,with lock down and the more acrimonious atmosphere these apear to have dropped by the wayside . Having heard of the Everest Chalenge being done by others i wondered if there is an appettite to attempt this amongst our supporters posibley to raise funds for DR Kershaws Hospice thats has had a long link to the club . for those not in the know the Everest chalenge is to walk the equivelent of the 8,846meters (29,000ft) up and then down again of Ever
  3. thats the one got a bottle of lees lager off jimmy frizzel as a thank you for digging out the snow on the rre to get the game on
  4. Just remembering the last time we reversed a fixture for bad weather V bastid rovers that ended well didnt it
  5. one wonders how much the copywright to the "the latics " could be obtained from the administrators for ? nice bit of pPR abdallah
  6. yes they used to do seem to remember McManaman did it when he left liverpool
  7. someone has pointed out on fb and BBC confirm wallsall have used four subs have the rules changed
  8. filipe moraise joing grimsby town https://twitter.com/moraisfilipe20/status/1337461767371415559?s=20
  9. oh gawd does that mean we are gonna have to put up with that profesional scouser Macateer waffling on about how he stated at Marine as a summeriser/pundit
  10. one thing i have noticed is we seem to have a number of forwards who are prepared to have a go and put theyre foot through the ball from outside the box rather then trying to walk the ball into the net which seems to have coenceded with our increased strike rate
  11. edited ta dont know how I mixed them two up insomnia strikes
  12. ian Robins home to Plymouth fa Cup 3rd round 1977 free kick down the left 40 yds out wood is out bear left corner flag lurking groves etc back right corner of the box pulling defenders about two of ours stand in front of the wall ian wood runs over the ball the two players barge a gap in the wall and robins blasts it like an exocet through the gap keeper didnt even move
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