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  1. Started off the pace but slowly got into the game. Still not great though. Would like to see dearnley and Rowe at some point in the second half. Jombati is a mad man .
  2. Morecambe away is the easiest game we could of asked for, followed by most likely a premier league club so 2 rounds we will definitely take.
  3. This is team no.1: McAleny Grant keillor-Dunn garrity Whelan Fage cbj Pidge Jombati Hamer Lawlor Team no.2: Keillor-Dunn McAleny Fage Grant Garrity Whelan CBJ Pidge Jombati Hamer Lawlor
  4. 1. Anyone know Centre back trialist? 2.Kewell’s change allowed jombati to push forward and create a chance . 3. That’s 4 in 4 for Keillor Dunn.
  5. If I’m being honest the football has gone from decent to poor since the second half started
  6. I assume Oldham wouldn’t have wanted to stream this match like the rest but as Lincoln seem to either stream or give highlights to their matches they must have insisted they were streaming it.
  7. This will be interesting, we will officially see how Kewell plays. We will get to see if Wheater and woods feature, and also if Danny rowe starts.
  8. Where will we finish? 13th POTS - Keillor-Dunn Emerging star - Milovanovic Will Harry Kewell be here at the end of the season? Unlikely Will Abdallah still be here? Yes and still interfering Biggest pissboil of the season - Losing to Harrogate on Boxing Day Promoted from L2 - Bolton, Cheltenham, Salford, Exeter Relegated from L2 - Stevenage, Grimsby
  9. Although no sign of Rowe bagging, dearnley has been putting the ball in the net all most every game which is nice to see️
  10. I would like to say our defence is shaping up quite nicely with 3 tall, experienced centre-backs and 2 young and fast fullbacks is just What we need. Now let’s get Chris McCann the contract he deserves.
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