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  1. And a much needed change just need tasdemir to impress
  2. Just lucky only 2 of them have actually featured in the squad in recent matches ️
  3. If Jameson starts it’s a very good chance for him to prove he’s much better Than jambuti - Although that’s easy - and hopefully a clean sheet from the lads today and that should knock some sense into hk/AL & ML
  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if he started Blackwood to be honest or even diarra
  5. It’s just too confusing at this point just stick diarra in the seats
  6. Good point, to be honest I just forgot about CBJ and still he can be very sloppy and sometimes looks like he doesn’t want to be there. Also fage has disappeared so don’t know if he’s injured or somethings going on behind the scenes. I quite like the look of Badan, he’s quick and knows what to do. He just needs a few games more and I think he’ll shape into a great full-back for us.
  7. This is my team based on these assumptions: •Pidge is match fit •Grant has 60 minutes in him as he played alright against FG •I would drop Lawlor but nothing on the bench McCaleny Grant mcCalmont DKD Hilsner Bahamboula Badan Pidge Clarke Adams(c) Lawlor Substitutes: Barnes Blackwood tasmdemir Whelan Ntambwe Jameson Bilboe
  8. Started off the pace but slowly got into the game. Still not great though. Would like to see dearnley and Rowe at some point in the second half. Jombati is a mad man .
  9. Morecambe away is the easiest game we could of asked for, followed by most likely a premier league club so 2 rounds we will definitely take.
  10. This is team no.1: McAleny Grant keillor-Dunn garrity Whelan Fage cbj Pidge Jombati Hamer Lawlor Team no.2: Keillor-Dunn McAleny Fage Grant Garrity Whelan CBJ Pidge Jombati Hamer Lawlor i would say formation number 1 would be more likely but there is always a chance Kewell goes attacking with the other formation.
  11. 1. Anyone know Centre back trialist? 2.Kewell’s change allowed jombati to push forward and create a chance . 3. That’s 4 in 4 for Keillor Dunn.
  12. If I’m being honest the football has gone from decent to poor since the second half started
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