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  1. Hi, If anyone has any of these games anywhere please could they get in touch or upload to YouTube. A lot seems to have been lost in the transition from World to Player about 10 years ago. Oldham v Doncaster, 13/11/2005 Doncaster v Oldham, 29/04/2006 Doncaster v Oldham, 06/10/2006 Oldham v Doncaster, 11/03/2007 Oldham v Doncaster, 08/12/2007 Doncaster v Oldham, 27/11/2007 - FA Cup Doncaster v Oldham, 24/03/2008 Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks to the thread further down this board I managed to find the FA Cup game at BP in 2007/08 earlier on, so I'm really grateful for that as it plugs a gap at our end in Doncaster.
  2. Just to say I've been creating a Doncaster Rovers Video Archive over the past few months; you can find it here: http://awayonsaturday.blogspot.com/2020/04/doncaster-rovers-video-archive-2013.html. If there's any footage of Oldham vs Doncaster games you need, feel free to take it, download it, link it to this forum - whatever is easiest for you. If footage from any of the outstanding games turn up, I'll give you a shout.
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