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  1. Mmm yeah funnily enough I've just seen those!!! You don't see many listed in fairness, I thought it might be more sought after than it appears!
  2. It's a size L, 2006, hoping for about £25 but I'm open to offers. I can't see to put a pic up on here, file size too big
  3. Hi I've recently bought a bundle of old football shirts, amongst them was an Oldham Athletic 100 years at Boundary Park Commemorative Shirt. Was wondering if it was of interest to anyone on here? I'm open to offers on it. It's in very good condition apart from someone has "Jesus saves, Beckett scores from the rebound" printed on the back the lettering has come off but a "shadow" where the letters once we're, remains
  4. Hi, I've just bought a bundle of football shirts, amongst them is a carlotti 100 years at Boundary Park Commemorative Shirt! Just wondered if it was of interest to anyone on here. Open to offers. Cheers Rob.
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