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  1. Paul Murray has been head of the youth academy at Oldham since the summer of 2019. He also has a distinguished playing career at the club, as well as having served as a coach and assistant manager. It's fair to say he knows the club inside out, so Matt caught up with him to learn more about how he's been able to shape the youth set up, what his main challenges are and what he'd like to see happen going forward. You can join in the conversation by emailing your messages, questions, rants and voice messages to bpalertsystem@gmail.com. Follow the show on Twitter, Instagram
  2. Thanks for the update @underdog, it would be great to have the Trust back on the podcast in the near future, so we can hear more about your post above & what you've been up to since we last had you on just before Christmas..... we've emailed Jason & Paul, but are yet to receive a reply.....?
  3. This week we discuss the 2-2 draw against Tranmere with Andy Bickerdike, Ste Shipman and plastic Latic Danny Taylor of PTB. Following on from last week's interview with Ashley Brown from The FSA, the conversation turns to Andy's experience with Trust Oldham, their relationship with PTB and what the next step should be for them as an organisation. Plus HK's interview, PTB's latest from CEO Karl Evans, Hotel Barry-fornia and much more. You can join in the conversation by emailing your messages, questions, rants and voice messages to bpalertsystem@gmail.com.
  4. We've got 2 scheduled to take place shortly..... with 3 other invitations out with dates to be agreed. On occasion we'll announce who we're interviewing prior to the interview so supporters can pose their question, on other occasions you'll find out at 7am on a Monday. But suffice to say, we're working to a plan and we have lot of people we want to talk to. We'll also keep to the structure of fan guests on some/alternate weeks too, so if any supporter who has a burning desire to share their views, especially if they believe their views to be different to those aired to date, we wou
  5. Thanks both. He was referring to Bournemouth, Brighton & Southampton.... and the £9m came from a combination of money owed to them by the Premier League (withheld parachute payments maybe?) & money raised via their pledge and via the Pompey Presidents, targeted wealthy supporters.
  6. Thanks BJB, we'll be extending the invite to the Trust to come on the podcast again next month, to tell us what they've been up over the last 3 months, since we last spoke to them.....
  7. Thanks for listening and thanks for your feedback. It looks like we've all got to put the Trust's past behind us and get involved to make it what we need to it be...... sooner rather than later.....
  8. The Football Supporters Association (FSA) are dedicated to advocating for football supporters from the grass roots of the game to the Premier League. Ashley Brown works for The FSA and one of his roles is to work with clubs in crisis, which means that he has a relationship with both Trust Oldham and Push The Boundary. We caught up with him to learn more about the FSA, his personal experiences helping to save and rebuild Portsmouth FC and where he sees Oldham on the crisis spectrum. You can join in the conversation by emailing your messages, questions, rants and voice messages to b
  9. Thanks for your kind words LL. We're hoping the ground we're covering - there is much more to come - will ignite a few flames and who knows where that will take us.....
  10. So would we Dave, the invitation is open to them......
  11. We conducted an interview last week.... and have another lined up to do this week.... both of which we believe will help take the discussion on further. Equally, we have guests invited to appear who we believe have unique perspectives from which share their views/opinions. Then of course, the passage of time always allows for new events to occur from which to discuss. The invitation will always remain open for anyone to come forward who wishes to express an opinion they don't believe has been aired so far. While some circumstances may remain constant, we sti
  12. Latics fixture away at Scunthorpe was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch but Matt had three eager Latics fans waiting to jump online and talk shop, so the podcast was never in any danger. In addition to the general discussion with fans Will G, Will H and Gareth, Matt is joined by the hosts of the other two Latics podcasts, Walking Down Sheepfoot Lane and The Chaddy Enders. So no match, but still loads to talk about in Latics world. Join in the conversation by emailing your messages, questions, rants and voice messages to bpalertsystem@gmail.com. Follow the show on Twi
  13. Thanks marhar. Appreciate you listening and taking the time to comment. We all want the club to be stable, secure and therefore able to compete. We're motivated by talking about the issues we face in an attempt to bring people together & find solutions. We've loads more lined up. More interviews with people who directly or indirectly affect the club & more post match conversation amongst fans. I would encourage anybody who feels they have a point of view they don't believe has been aired or discussed on the pod to date, to get in touch. We want as many different opinions an
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