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  1. we not losing and we still can score three goals as we always score second half
  2. Give blackwood 60 minutes get fitness up see if makes impression
  3. comfortable 3 nil victory barrow doing rubbish and manager sacked
  4. look we thought we struggle to stay up this season with our signings. shock but we are scoring loads goals and bit of continuity is good. we got the german lad til summer maybe get him year aswell and we might still get keep most of our squad and be different . at least we not done a bury or stockport and leave the league. and saw the articicle on bbc sport about our players being after if the players go on some money for us atleast we stay around for another couple seasons try be positive
  5. With kewel in charge we now got the extra exposure of some the Australian people who still follow him back there Imagine if Scholes had stayed on and we get loads more fans and exposure aswell
  6. No salary cap might mean owner gets some free transfer signed up for our run in to playoffs
  7. Good result from the tinkerman harry bring on the playoff
  8. Still got time new signing yet and another experience adams
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