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  1. My impression is that that is the case ........but there must be some Sports Science student at Loughborough who could get himself 3 years funding to do a PhD researching home advantage in football
  2. 100 years of evidence that crowds help teams do better at home than away
  3. That’s not necessarily right or as simple as that though is it....if 3 are on him that is only 2 additional men....we will.certainly have 2 men at least holding at the back so the opposition will have enough men available to double up or triple up on him but still be able to cover any of our players in threatening orvavailable positions. The secret is to move the ball at pace....one touch is better than 2 and 2 is better than 3 ......it has been shown that every touch above one allows defenders to move 5 yards per touch and negate momentum
  4. So the outcome of this best seller is a compromise between Mo and Lee......stick to your day job.
  5. Pressure to do what? To reach an agreement/ settlement?. aka a compromise
  6. So in essence your thesis is that owners “ who won’t compromise” agreed with an agent to sign a player so that another of his players would back down ? Sounds like a compromise to me ......and unlikely
  7. Will 4 4 2 make them run faster, head better, pass better, trap balls better , tackle better, catch better , give fewer free kicks away , execute better set pieces....surely they know that is expected of them
  8. We used 15 outfield players last night ....by my reckoning 12 of them had never kicked a ball in the Football League before joining Oldham Athletic
  9. DR Congo is bigger than Germany France and several other counties put together!
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