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  1. Yes MM randomly brought up disinterested vis a vis uninterested with reference to my previous description of a former Numbef 9
  2. Sorry but that was Magic Mickey......happy to take whatever stick you want to dish out but at least let it have some credible basis
  3. You still haven’t told me what one is and yes it was you who raised the issue of the understanding of the concept and reality of bubble. as for disinterested and uninterested. I described Rowe as disinterested . Ie he showed no investment in Oldham Athletic .....entirely different to being uninterested . I am surprised you wish to reprise your spectacular own goal
  4. So the rules in the school bubble are different to rules of the footballers bubble which are different that to the rules of the cricketers bubble which are different to rules of the childcare bubble. Getting a bit complicated for something so obvious ? You are still not offering a simple definition of what you say is obvious
  5. Give us your definition of a bubble or butt out
  6. That is not the point as you know nor is it a definition of a bubble which you say is obvious. Indeed it is nonsensical given that at 3.00 your kids stop being a bubble and get on the school bus with the same kids you have spent 6 hours segregating them from . Can the kids hug each other ?
  7. Are the kids in your school operate in a bubble? You use the term bubble for it but in effect it is a segregation for 6 hours? No way do the kids live in that bubble? .....the test cricketers do live in an exclusive bubble for the period of their selection? ...footballers do not not? in short I am happy to say that at after 9 months I do believe the concept of bubbles is confused i would be happy for you to give me your definition of a bubble that is clear and not ambiguous and covers all uses of the the term of “ bubble” given your surprise that it is not understood ....genuinely
  8. I am not arsed just as I am not arsed about Scholes walking around a reservoir...that is the point
  9. Not sure that is the definition of bubble...it requires the concept of exclusivity... and in any case within the bubbles even as you describe them you aren’t allowed to go round hugging each other
  10. They are NOT in a bubble. They go home , they go to supermarkets, to takeaways the cricketers staying in the same hotel and seeing nobody outside that hotel are in a bubble
  11. Why isn’t hugging teammates after they score an offence ....there is a load of rubbish talked about social distancing and the “ got you” culture is pathetic
  12. More to the point what PR guru would feel that association with us was a sensible commercial decision which would bring benefits to their company
  13. Not sure which is more surprising Picking Tasdemir without seeing him kick a ball or picking Perigianni having seen him kick a ball
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