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  1. I thought the performance was actually incredibly worrying. I don’t see how Burnley would get any benefit playing their first team against us. They would put 10 past us. I’m never optimistic with Oldham but 22nd would be an achievement this season.
  2. We looked very slow and unfit. Roll on Newport.
  3. Had to remind myself that Morecambe went up before I kicked off. Still though... Morecambe
  4. Anyone spotted Baham or has he gone AWOL?
  5. The last 5 pages was so depressing to read. I'm sure we all want the same thing, and that ultimately is for Oldham to be successful.
  6. My condolences. I remember he always used to upload audio from games before ifollow was a thing and I was happy to help him with streaming games in the past. He seemed a really nice guy. RIP.
  7. Morecambe are much better. Hurts to live in a reality where that's true.
  8. Seen plenty on Twitter quick to hammer out a tweet slathering Davies in praise for a quick like and a shot of dopamine but I wonder where this energy was when Keegan highlighted the same very issues straight after relegation? Great interview nonetheless.
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