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  1. Seen plenty on Twitter quick to hammer out a tweet slathering Davies in praise for a quick like and a shot of dopamine but I wonder where this energy was when Keegan highlighted the same very issues straight after relegation? Great interview nonetheless.
  2. Think the bottom line is that he isn't good enough. He'd probably be floating around on the bench like Whelan if he wasn't part of the army of loanees.
  3. Pitch too small and bobbly to sustain our style of play. That paired with CB's who are seemingly colour blind or technically impaired, has lead us to defeat for most of the games. Kewell wanted us to play out of the back and to create expansive football, so did Banide. It just isn't going to work mainly because the pitches turn into a surface akin to Mars in January, and secondly, we don't have the budget to create a team to completely outclass a team of average thugs which dominate this division normally.
  4. Another fine sharp decision made in the recruitment room again.
  5. Sums up the season. Total fucking joke you've got these bog average sides like Cambridge here, somehow 2nd, in this god awful league, and we just gift goals. The recruitment in both windows was a disgrace. DKD can piss off in the summer for that decision alone, it gives an insight into the teams mindset when you've got people out there that want a hat-trick over getting us back into the game. I hope we have a total collapse now and end up flirting with the drop so the owners and their supporters get what they deserve.
  6. When was the last time Bam didn't play? Probs needs a rest.
  7. I presume we received a multi-pack of Wotsits for him.
  8. Happy 125th anniversary everyone.
  9. 400 Sold. Damning indictment of where we are at the moment. They must have some strong belief in Paul Butler when it's his turn in June.
  10. He said in his interview that he's prepared to adapt and is happy to coach various styles. I doubt we'll see any wholesale changes in our full style of play. I fancy us on this massive pitch.
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