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    Latics, a childhood well lived in remembering the oldham of old, Butterworths, Yips, The Conquered bear, Roscoes, Gales bakery, Tommyfield outdoor market, Hydes, The butter stores.

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  1. Think we can safely say the only way we're getting out of this league is through the arse entrance
  2. Seems Carlisle fans are in the same boat as us Hot off the press. 'Yes, well done Morecambe. Good luck to them.This is just latest example of a 'smaller' club outperforming Carlisle.Our board should be ashamed'
  3. Small town, small club and playing the likes of Sunderland Never mind, we can try and beat Newport
  4. Aye, Both home and away What's the world coming to? Over a full season they should have gone up automatic Never mind, they'll see off the Welsh and fly the flag for Lancashire in League 1
  5. I do have plenty of other footballing autographs my late father collected at many sportsman's dinners. Nat Lofthouse, Sir Matt Busby, John Charles, peter swales but to name a few. Also a photo of him taken with Sir Matt and another with Keith Hicks
  6. I had a fair few from the mid to late 70's until I gave them to one of my cousin's, The only Latics autograph I have left is that of Simon Stainrod and it's signed in biro across a newspaper photo cutting of that Sheffield 'love in' between him and Terry Curran. As a youngster I thought he was God.
  7. Sat here watching Clarkey and realizing where it all went wrong
  8. Atleast someone else remembers The rest, who cares?
  9. Ex player shoe in Once, twice, three times a failure?
  10. Finally, some stability of sorts Now let's make a concerted push and start a new season on the front foot
  11. Curle is probably the best of a bad bunch and beggars can't be choosers Rejects always find a good home at Oldham
  12. We could be starting from scratch yet again and so it continues
  13. Don't knock it, if he can replicate a few Bam's
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