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  1. We weakened and staying in this division is now the only goal we can hope for
  2. Good man, you deserve it for your excellent summing up on here.
  3. Saturday's massive, lose this one and we'll be looking over our shoulders for the remainder of this weird season.
  4. My late father used to bat on about the goalscoring exploits of Eric Gemmell and I can see why, although he did tend to talk alot about Bobby Johnstone.
  5. Sadly, both get you relegated We need to be boring as hell and winning 1-0 by any means possible, I hate this losing malarkey
  6. You can't legislate for how easy we made it for em but there you go We now have to make sure of three points Saturday and the way things are going, it should virtually guarantee safety.
  7. Now I'm worried about what I see on paper Seriously lightweight against this lot now
  8. I realise that and it'd be just like us to get a result against this lot and then have another reversal against a bottom 3 side like Southend. That's without the mercurial Nile Ranger
  9. Teams aren't beat on paper I couldn't see us getting anything from carlisle and that was all down to what I thought, on paper, we'd really struggle against. Anything can happen! Maddison could lose his head and get sent off again, forget who they are and play off our last result.
  10. Pep, all day long but in reality I'd go with Coleman and his trusty sidekick Bell They'd soon sort out the wheat from the chaff here.
  11. They've been poor for most of the season, until this mini revival All good runs have to come to an end, it might aswell be us that makes it happen. Get the first goal and they'll be all over the place.
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