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  1. They should all go and good riddance Ring Barlow's on union street, the club is officially dead.
  2. Even if it ends 20 nil Do you honestly think it'll change anything here? Embarrassing and now we're being dragged through the shit for good measure
  3. 'Dream' It was tongue in cheek Can't help but think how good that pairing would be under normal circumstances
  4. But ofcourse and Bolton had a few aswell It would seem that everyone and their dog have played for Latics at some stage in their career
  5. On a lighter note, Plenty of ex player's on show tonight on sky Burton are the new Oldham
  6. He has an opportunity to put that right starting today against Cumbria's lowly little Barrow Oh hang on
  7. You got the first part right but in League one he'd be first choice in most team's Easy to forget that he's still scoring goals in a team full of shite and that's got to be a massive frustration for him personally and inturn will affect his game the longer it goes on.
  8. I find it rather strange that since we dropped out of league one, all we've done since is go backwards and appear totally devoid of ever getting back there. We're far better than this and as proved by the smaller club's above us, sometimes you need heart and desire beyond money to get where you want to be. Down the year's this has always been the case here at Oldham.
  9. You can throw all you want at it but unless there's a hint of progression on the pitch, it all counts for sod all. There's no future if you keep on losing and why should there be?
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