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  1. Just missed the last 5 minutes and the 3rd goal thanks to the hi speed network in Saddleworth!
  2. He might trip over his dog before he gets on air.
  3. You are assuming that it would be well run, for that you need a lot of business acumen. If it didn't work, what's plan B?
  4. I have absolutely no idea why people keep banging on about fans buying into a football club, it is an absolute none starter. Football is a business and all it sells is bums on seats, a bit of merchandise and a few pies on match days. Unless you are in the premiership receiving an obnoxious amount of money from television companies, or getting parachute payments for failure, you will be running at a loss. Any sensible business owner has to have a reasonable profit margin to succeed, or pump millions of beer tokens they can afford to lose, into a venture that they a prepared to take a gamb
  5. Do we tend to score more goals when Bamboozler plays? I don't have the stats.
  6. That was well worth a tenner, well done. Time for a glass of something red.
  7. Lovely link up there between Bamboozler and Hilssner
  8. Should be 18 nil to Latics now, terrible finishing, Hee hee
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