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  1. Greg Fleming currently having a blinder for Stranraer, keeping them in the game v Hibernian. I always thought he was a decent keeper, he never really got much chance here.
  2. Yes, of course - my apologies! And I've also been reminded that we put 4 past Barrow too. I seem to have erased most of this season from my memory
  3. Yes, of course! I've long since written this season off and seem to have mentally expunged the results
  4. Just out of interest, can anyone remember the last time we scored 4 away and won? I remember a 4-4 draw at MK Franchise a few years back.
  5. But if the 4 household members turned up at Boundary Park (Covid notwithstanding) would they all be expected to be allowed in for the price of one, on the basis that they're all watching the same game?! Even if they're all watching it at home on iFollow there's still 4 of them watching it, so 4 x £10=£40! I do kind of get the point of the argument though, but I'd say it's a non-runner I'm afraid.
  6. Yes, I think I'd definitely include Rick Holden in that, Stainrod certainly. Maybe even David Eyres... if the definition of maverick is being your own man and a desire to entertain I think Eyresey would count.
  7. Mavericity is just what the game needs more of right now . You're absolutely right though, any kid showing any kind of individuality would soon have it coached out of them these days, unfortunately.
  8. Maverick... that's the word. I doubt we'll see the likes again.
  9. Yes, he was class - I seem to remember him shooting from everywhere, he was great entertainment that night and there were a lot of calls for us to sign him.
  10. Sad to see that Frank Worthington passed away today, a real character from a bygone age and some player too - any kids with the kind of flair and flamboyancy he had would soon find it coached out of them these days. I suppose it's stretching it a bit to call him an ex-player, but I remember him turning out for us in Jimmy Frizzell's testimonial so I think he just about counts . He was a big mate of Joe's and was often spotted outside the ground on matchdays wearing his cowboy hat . RIP
  11. When I started this thread at the start of last month my ambitions were fairly unambitious, but I felt they, at least some of them, were realistic. I'd have settled for just keeping HK in place for the whole season, just to build some kind of consistency - I suppose his home form in the end made his position untenable, but his away form proved he must have been doing something right, i.e. that there was something to work with. This is all so demoralising
  12. Great result, but I can't get too excited over these away wins anymore with our home record as terrible as it is. It's all very frustrating. This team are like the girl in the pub who's all flirty and promising you the world after a few drinks on a Saturday night, but then completely blanks you in Tesco on a Tuesday afternoon... and then expects you to fall for it when they're all flirty again the weekend after. I'm not saying that this team are a bunch of prick teasers, but I just wish I knew where I stood with them
  13. That was absolutely appalling. Second to everything, couldn't string two passes together, possession continually given away cheaply... and we look so lightweight it's frightening. We badly needed a target man up front tonight (that Rowe at Bradford would've been ideal).
  14. I don't think what helped him though was having to wait so long for his debut, that City game was the last match of the season I think and he'd signed in the summer.
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