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  1. That was absolutely appalling. Second to everything, couldn't string two passes together, possession continually given away cheaply... and we look so lightweight it's frightening. We badly needed a target man up front tonight (that Rowe at Bradford would've been ideal).
  2. I don't think what helped him though was having to wait so long for his debut, that City game was the last match of the season I think and he'd signed in the summer.
  3. It was in the League Cup, v Darlington. I just remember him darting around the penalty area all the time, in the days when keepers were a lot less mobile than they are today. I also seem to recall he had a tendency to save with his legs - very unorthodox. I think he was a USA international though, so he must have had something about him.
  4. That's a bizarre coincidence! And I've still got my John Keeley letter somewhere too
  5. We signed John Keeley on the strength of an absolute blinder he had against us at Boundary Park with Brighton. He was very unlucky in his time with us but I always rated him, he had a good game away at Cambridge (I think) but was then dropped for Paul Gerrard - I was that gutted I actually wrote to him to say how disappointed I was for him (seriously, I was only young!) and he wrote me a really nice thank you letter back. I never rated Paul Gerrard.
  6. I'm pretty sure that ploy was actually in my Bob Wilson's Book Of Goalkeeping when I was a kid , it was standard practice in those days to give the keeper some protection and something I always practiced. I totally agree about Peter McDonnell, he was one of my first Latics heroes.
  7. Absolutely spot on. We're now on 50 conceded in the league and our record is 95, that could well go this season. Didn't Manchester City once concede over a 100 goals in a season though and still go up?! Some time in the 1930's I think.
  8. So so so frustrating We could've been top half tonight, but instead we're back to sodding 17th yet again. We're never going to escape this perpetual game of snakes and ladders until we sort that appalling "defence' out and HK and the rest of the management committee learn the value of a settled side. For the first time in years we've got a team full of goals and yet, once again, we're set to finish..... sodding 17th
  9. 100%, we desperately need some stability. Hopefully we've got it in HK, it would be good to have him taking us into next season. He's not been spectacular, but for me he's shown that he's learning and also that he can work with the ownership. I think that, given time, there could be really good things to come from him.
  10. Exactly, there is no reason why we shouldn't be challenging, especially when you look at the teams who are, the reality of course is that we're not so it's all about trying to finish the season with as much possitivity as possible (again).
  11. As the lack of any meaningful activity yesterday would suggest that promotion is not a realistic objective for this season, what would you now regard as a good outcome for this campaign? Personally, I'd now be relatively happy with a top half finish (above Bolton and, even better, Salford), HK having been the first Latics manager to have lasted an entire season since Herbert Bamlett (= a bit of consistency at last) and some kind of honest statement of intent on how we're going to try to get out of this division next season. Realistically, I know I might have to settle for just one or two of th
  12. I can see Torquay having something to say about that, being 10 points clear at the top.
  13. Yeah, I'd forgotten he broke his hand too. I agree he was similar to David Currie, in that it never quite happened for him at Boundary Park for one reason or another, but we've certainly had worse though.
  14. I agree, he had goals in him. He was just starting to settle into the team when he had his jaw broken on his return to Oakwell and his Latics career never recovered after that.
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