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  1. If recruitment is left to Mo we’ll probably sign Tasmedir in the summer on a 3 year contract
  2. He also captained the team in November under Kewell when we beat Cheltenham at home, so definitely has enough about him to show some leadership. It’s always frustrating when a player underperforms here and then moves and shows a better side of their game. Doubly so when it’s ‘one of our own’. If he’d come through the Rochdale academy, how do you think they’d have handled his progression and subsequent sale?
  3. Hamer leaving looking like a poor decision. Should’ve been a home grown leader for this team - reckon Curle would’ve liked him.
  4. Ridiculous to think that this Stevenage team was by far the worst in L2 last season and was granted a stay of execution - and they’ve taken 6 points off us this season 4-0 on agg. They are 5 points off the play-offs!! We’re in one of the worst positions in our history, yet convert 4 of our many defeats into 4 victories and we too would be in the play-offs!
  5. Any clues why Grant, Tas & Luamba weren’t on the bench?
  6. Burton have won six on the bounce now in L1. Hamer with another assist from a long throw.
  7. If still persisting with a back 3, would you rather have Diarra or Jombatti? I think Jombatti should be given another chance...
  8. I reckon Keith Curle would’ve been a good manager for Tom Hamer. Would’ve got him playing to his strengths and improved him defensively. Agreed he had a big dip in form coping with Kewell’s all out attack style, but a young home grown leader shouldn’t be sold off for peanuts like he was.
  9. Is it mere co-incidence that we chose to announce Kewell’s dismissal on Sunday night - when another Harry was trending having broken away from ‘the firm’ amid claims of internal pressure, a breakdown in communication and not allowing funding for certain aspects of the job.
  10. I hope he has. I hope every single player tells Mo exactly what they think of him, and then watch the ‘powers’ squirm trying to select a team where everyone has crossed Mo.
  11. I may have missed it, but is there any official confirmation on Garrity being injured? He’s not appeared in a squad since we signed Taz & Hilsner. BG is far from a key player, but does have a nice habit of ghosting into the box to score. Would be a useful player to have on the bench to influence a tight game like yesterday.
  12. Hamer and Johnny Smith assists for Burton who pull away from L1 relegation.
  13. We’ve actually weakened tonight’s team with the signing & inclusion of the lad from Posh. Do we have competition for places or just frustrated & confused players? Jombatti wasn’t getting a game or even on the bench for months. Then he walks back in at CB. Pidge gets the chop, Adams comes in as captain and has an impact. Pidge returns as captain, but only coz we have too many loan players to include Clarke. Meanwhile, Kewell wants to sign more strikers...no point in strengthing defence because all L2 teams concede. Baffling!
  14. Looks like he’s still here, so let’s sort this song. Channel your inner Lenard Cohen or Jeff Buckley or which ever flavour you prefer and yell; He plays for Latics on the right. He takes the piss all day & night. You won’t get near the ball, he’ll just out do ya. He brought us light from out the dark. And now the boys from Boundary Park. Will sing his name out loud - Bahambula! Ba-ham-bula Ba-ham-bula Ba-ham-bula Ba-ham-buuuuu-uuuuu-uuuu-la
  15. If only we had a forward thinking, long term planning Director of Football to map out our January transfer strategy months in advance. Thanks Mo.
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