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  1. Saw him away at Milton Keynes. He clearly had plenty of talent. Also scored a last minute winner against Blackburn Rovers. This fact alone places him high in my esteem!
  2. Hattie Jacques possessed a very alluring voice and played sultry temptresses on the radio. An early appearance on TV closed that avenue.
  3. The first 100 pages or so are one of the best evocations of Oldham of that era. Unsentimental, realistic and affectionate.
  4. Yes, a very entertaining part of his autobiography. I am, however, talking about profile, influence and publicity rather than major funding
  5. Indeed. It's the profile rather than the wealth which is initially of interest.
  6. Clearly it is something of a fantasy to expect Brian Cox to launch a takeover for Latics. However, I am consistently astounded at the amount of successful people from Oldham or with strong connections to our town. Witness the obituary of Paul Ritter, both of whose parents were from the town. There would be mileage in tapping all these type of people in an organised fashion to publicise the club's plight, offer connections and support and generally up the profile of the town and the club. The Put Something Back Club? Similar happens in rugby leag
  7. Just the sort of thing that should be happening. Unified, cheap, humorous and publicity worthy.
  8. Yes, I think you're probably right, but a couple of things occur. Teams that consistently cough up opportunities from a position of relative strength are those which end up getting mugged on the last day. We've declined to beat Barrow and Stevenage at home, given up a two goal lead and missed a pen against Cambridge and conceded well into injury time at Scunthorpe. I am beginning to suffer a recurring nightmare when we are beaten at home by Grimsby through a late Giles Coke winner. We need a win and quickly to steady the nerves. Secondly, the last time we we
  9. Not strictly on topic, but a good win for Carlisle today.
  10. Will the prices go down if we are in The National League?
  11. Interesting that one of the sponsors , according to the Chron article, is Mike Halliwell, who has been a vocal supporter of the current set up. That leads to the view that something has changed dramatically and recently.
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