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  1. No but it means it was approved by the Oldham Athletic Board of Directors. That one member may or may not have agreed with the wording or its content is irrelevant. gGoverance does require unanimous votes or agreement.
  2. Yes is a bit crowded . Is there more space in the I am precious room ?
  3. Immobile played for Italy tonight ....we have had a few like him
  4. you are probably correct but in my experience the onus is on the in absentia member to facilitate that they are in the loop rather than the company put everything on hold until said person is available ?
  5. “ hostile businessmen “. Do you mean our owners who have injected their own money to enable our club to survive? “ the owner has fallen out with partners “ What on earth has that got to do with an MP? ”it is a community club” .No it isn’t. It is a privately owned business etc As I said recruitment, product, communication , results , decision making have all been poor but are hardly the stuff of an urgent question to the Secretary of State with responsibility for Culture Media and Sport
  6. What are your issues in your letter to an Oldham MP? Team selection.? Player recruitment ? Results? The Director of Football ? etc etc.......the club is a joke but what exactly would be of interest to a Member of Parliament?
  7. Perhaps he rang one of his former players to find out about the standard at that level?
  8. Which is why I estimated in excess of 20% of the signatures were not from Oldham
  9. 2967 signatures.....population of Oldham is c 240000. Given that over 500 of the signatures are from out of town less than 1% of people of the town have signed . Either the premise thar Football clubs are the heart of the Community is bollocks or there is no great swell of anti owner feeling in the town? Or alternatively the PTB etc are in their own self confirmatory bubble
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