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  1. no shots on target at half time, 1 shot on target against Bolton at end of game
  2. Let's hope the club can tie down Bahamboula, can't imagine what would happen without him in the middle of the park.
  3. Justin cider was best part of tonight. Game over after sending off. 3 wins in last 13. Got to get something off Southend at weekend.
  4. Need to post as I only seem to post when we lose, well done Latics. Poor in the first half and as usual takes us a goal down to get going but dug in and had a great second half and a great goal from Bahamboula again! What a player. Adams crossing was excellent today as well. Congrats lads.
  5. Kewell will be like 'it's a young side they are still learning' well we are 29 league games in, hope they effing learn before the season ends.
  6. Lawlor did well tonight just a shame he gets let down by the players in front of him. And taking two our best players off, the most creative and the most aggressive searching for a win. You can't just throw loads of forwards on! Barrow were well set up, had too much muscle and had lost the last four, shows the level we are at.
  7. Shite at home, 2 wins in last 11. Another season finishing bottom half.
  8. I just looked and last time we finished top half of the table was 2008/2009. Quite depressing
  9. Brilliant second half today, why can't we play at that pace every game. Takes us to go a goal down again. Big game next week.
  10. Post match interviewer to HK: "Another tough evening at Boundary Park, how do you kind of sum that up?" HK: "Tough evening for who?"
  11. I don't want a kick in the nuts but Rowe coming on was such a difference. But one of the worst performances this season. Gone backwards in progression. Lawlor and Borthwick Jackson cost us tonight and they missed a pen and hit the crossbar. I think we need a couple of good defenders on loan to play with Piergianni. So exposed on the wings tonight. Bahamboula had a quite game, when he is on form he is such a good player for us. So frustrating to watch, especially when we start to play after always going behind, it shows the ability is there.
  12. I would show the first half of that game in the dressing room as a lesson on how not to defend. It was unreal how bad we were at the back. Could have been 3 or 4 down in the first 20 mins! There are goals at the other end with Dearnley, Mcaleny and Rowe but got to stop shipping goals. Piergianni needs another decent CB along side him. I am worried we could be Southends first win on Tuesday.
  13. We were awful in the first half couldn't control the ball and the defending was shite. Morecambe I think had 3 chances and 3 goals. So different to the football we played in the week. Yet again we showed a spirited fight back but we seem to wait until we go two down. Bam on second half changed the look of the side but as already been said on here. Macaleny and Bam only players putting in a proper shift, Hamer worked hard but the rest of the side hardly seems to care and looked like they were playing a training game. Morecambe hardly had to try and beat us 3-1. There are gonna be some sides in
  14. Watched the game last night, I agree Barnett was good, snuffed out any threats down the right. Lawler was good in goal but there wasn't too much he had to do in the second half. Latics look like they are starting to gel. Bahamboula gonna be a great addition once he is fully match fit. Wasn't too sure about Keillor-Dunn. Dearnley just too good for this league, class player. It did look odd at the end when Rowe and Dearnley weren't celebrating and debating something that happened up front. Apart from that I thought we played well and have qualified after two games. Lets just hope we can translat
  15. Paid for Carlisle and we looked like a team challenging for play offs, Paid for Leyton Orient absolutely toothless. Glad I missed today. What the eff is happening to our club. When you think every season that we must surely get a turn in fortunes and we go lower and lower, The current squad doesn't look too bad on paper but just are not turning up on the pitch. Are they not getting paid again? Worst we have ever been. WTF!
  16. Nearly threw my shirt away after yesterdays game. Glad I didn't it's the badge that matters it's getting a team a team again who are proud to play for Oldham that matters. **** me, League 2!! What a sad state of affairs from where we once were. Fair play to Wellens for getting the job but he hasn't done well since the six game unbeaten run that got him the job. I don't think he is the right man to get us out of League 2. He slated Placide today in the papers, someone who has kept us points in a lot of games this season and now more or less blamed him for going down. As soon as you start turnin
  17. Where was the fight in the team yesterday this was a must stay up match players should have been on the pitch so fired up and not given the northampton players any time on the ball. Second half Northampton seemed to be in control. I don't think we even picked up a yellow card! How many of our players are genuinely hurting today! I played the game for 22 years and every game I played, I played as if it was my last. When you see some players walk off the pitch hardly breaking a sweat is outrageous when you are a paying fan. Can't we keep our home grown players who want to be proud of the badge a
  18. Must have missed that when I went for a pie.
  19. Great support at Orient today. The club have such a loyal crowd that follow them around the uk and then gets served up with some :censored:e on the pitch. First half resorted to long balls up the pitch. Second half more threatening but how many of that team today can you say bust a gut for the latics and come off the pitch knackered. So disappointed today, I think they owe the fans an apology. Orient struggling for points and by what the papers were saying dissent in the dressing room but won easy with an almost non existent crowd behind them. Come on Oldham where is the fight!
  20. Very lacklustre performance at the weekend. Nine league games in and we still can't defend. Crawley were very poor but every attack they looked like they were gonna score. It was only poor finishing that kept us in the game. Lost count of the times our set pieces didn't even beat the first man. Consequently there was a lack of service to the front men. Yet again we go an early goal down and yet again we lost even though we were the better side over all (poor opposition). We normally raise our game against the better sides so expect big things against the orient!!! Big pressure on Johnson if we
  21. Hughsey over Porter, he just got done for sexually assaulting a girl in a bar. Always dangerous in and around the box.
  22. Will be in the Griff about 7pm with away shirt. Come on the LADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. I think a win would have been fairer we were the better team second half, was a poor game. Dickov likes to get them playing a passing game but there was no evidence of that in the first half and every set piece was shocking. Second half we did see some nice football, Taylor pulling the strings.
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