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  1. FFS. I went for h/t 0-0 and f/t 3-1. If I did it the wrong way round then fair enough. It's the 2nd time this season that I have made a mistake. I appreciate that it is my own fault but I do find it very frustrating that I am not able to check what I have predicted.
  2. @Stevie_JI sent you a private message on Friday asking if it was the same bank account as last year but haven'thad a response. Cheers
  3. Is this right? That's quite a big thing that seems to have been missed from the reporting I have seen about the tribunal. It was reported that there was a lack of evidence to support the claims of Scholes that there was interference from the Lemsagams. If you are saying that he actually admitted that his claims were false then that is something I am surprised the media chose not to report about a high profile individual.
  4. It is great that someone from the club is finally communicating with the fans here. It's a very weird way of doing it via an anonymous account on a forum but I actually think it is a big step forward. Long may it continue.
  5. This is confusing but the explanation given by the club is that whilst the players were not prepared to take a pay cut they were prepared to go on furlough. Every company had the option to supplement furlough either partially or in full. The 9 rebels wanted it supplementing in full but presumably were prepared to agree to the furlough element in principle whilst continuing to discuss the top-up element. There is no suggestion that this contravenes the rules of the furlough scheme.
  6. I have also changed my view on this. I was of the view that we had to finish the keague for integrity reasons but now I accept that even if we did, there would be no integrity. If the league was to resume in say a month, come the end of June all clubs with nothing to play for would allow all out of contract players to leave and then finish off the season with youth team players.
  7. They referred to “can/will”. I suspect that they were more referring to will. It is probably fair to say that nobody will purchase the ground whilst there is some ongoing concern over the legality of past transactions. Would you buy a house if someone else was claiming that they already owned it? Most people would wait for that to get settled before parting with their cash. I was also drawn to the comments about AL converting loans into equity through the share allotments. They refer to the share issuance in 2018 which is indeed listed on Companies House as having taken place on 24
  8. Bradford want £100k for Doyle yet we have 2 or 3 players worth £500k+. Difficult to believe we aren’t storming this division really.
  9. I have no idea how many people have signed up but based on the support this seems to be getting from people on here and elsewhere you would imagine that by next week they could have two or three hundred names to add to the signatories of this letter. That has to help the credibility of it rather than it being just from those who have launched PTB. It seems a sensible approach.
  10. I presume you mean me Tracy. The independent supporters club ran in the mid 90s. It was founded and run by John Stanley who is sadly no longer with us. It primarily ran away travel and social events. John had his run-ins with the club (well Alan Hardy) but it didn't actively get involved in club politics. Stop the Rot, and latterly SAFE (Save Athletic's Future Existence) were the groups who actively protested to get rid of JW Lees and got involved when things were falling apart under Chris Moore. When the Trust first formed, it was really a follow on from SAFE. There ar
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