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  1. Just had a reply from iFollow saying "Sorry for the delay with this. The refund was processed yesterday (12th November). Please allow up to 21 days for the funds to be processed by your bank. Apologies again for any inconvenience this may have caused". 21x days to process is something of a joke though. We'll see what happens.
  2. Has anybody had the £10.00 refund for the payment to watch the Southend game on the 27th October as promised by them? I've just Emailed iFollow, let's see if they answer. Lofty
  3. Laptop, all OK up to the Southend game, would only work on my phone for the 2nd half. Salford game only on my phone for the 1st half and then OK on my laptop.
  4. I'm waiting for an iFollow agent now........
  5. £10.00 thrown away, how do you make a complaint anyone?
  6. No connection, but just had Roy going on about Queens Park Rangers, WTF is he real this fella. Roy we're playing Southend son.
  7. My prediction went in at 18:58 on the day, was that too late?
  8. 5x minutes Dave, you've then got the delights of Roy's voice.........
  9. Roy said his clearance came through at 5:00pm Friday night and he was driven down to the game in a taxi WOW. And I thought we was skint..........
  10. I had left a prediction for todays game, but there doesn't appear to be any easy way to make predictions and I only found what I thought was the area on Twitter by chance. You can keep the money and put it into the pot and withdraw my name please. Ian G.
  11. I'll hold my hand up to that. Lofty
  12. Signs on a 2x year contract. Lofty
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