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  1. Nearly 48 hours since the worst day in our history for nearly 50 years and not a dickybird from the club. No apology to the long suffering fans, no statement of intent for the coming season, nothing to give a vestage of hope for the future , but heyho its a bank holiday so what the hell.
  2. Thanks this will be my first visit this season so i will be there nice and early.
  3. Cheers My printer is out of comission at the moment and i can't get down to the ground in advance so i just want to phone up and pay in advance and collect the tickets on saturday.
  4. Thanks but what if i haven't gpt a printer?
  5. Can i order and pay for tickets for Saturday and collect the tickets before the game on Saturday?
  6. On a differant note,i listen to sweeneys show eveyday,purely to get traffic info. The guy is an absolute balloon. I have heard him state on several occaisions that he livea in Saddleworth not Oldham. He seems to think that using words like perjorative and dichotomy in his radio show makes him clever whereas it just makea him look like a prick.
  7. The end of the world is nigh. Oblivion awaits
  8. Nothing has changed at home. Played 3 won 0 drawn 2 lost 1 Home support around 3k Nothing to tempt me to attend
  9. Was that the rumble of thunder? No,probably the sound of thousands of departed Latics fans turning in their graves at the debacle that their beloved football club has become. R.I.P.
  10. I'm standing by for a shed load of abuse but only viable choice to get us out of this mess is the one and only Rocking Ronnie Moore.
  11. Does the transfer embargo not apply to managers as well? Surely notts wont be able to afford to pay the compensation or the fine for making an illegal approach.
  12. Can't believe iv'e just seen a possible future King of England celebrating his team being beaten by wales.
  13. Now that the transfer window is open, anyone heard any rumours about possible signings?
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