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  1. As with other experienced players it wont be long till Mo offers him the benefit of his vast footballing knowledge one time too many and Marcel finds himself on the naughty step after telling Mo where to stick his advice.
  2. For years these players have been in academy schemes etc improving and honing the natural skills that were spotted on the school football pitches. WTF happened.
  3. I was going to predict him as 1st scorer but he's not in the list!
  4. If Rowe isn't available I'd like to see Bahamboula in Grant's position I reckon he could hold the ball up well. I was disappointed when Kewell took him off for Dearnley Vs Harrogate.
  5. DKD takes a decent corner. But so does Grant - he should have come off the bench on Tues when DKD was subbed.
  6. Not read the whole thread so if this has been mentioned before ignore me. If your not enjoying the biased commentary do what I'm doing watch iplayer on your PC and listen to Latics commentary, quite easy to sync them by pausing one or the other for a bit.
  7. Is that the occasional creative pass but mostly backwards and sideways Whelan.
  8. We'll miss Ntambwe. I'm still going for a Latics win though.
  9. Or, to check how it's best for you to avoid seeing scores, click on the REPLAY video for say the Exeter game. If you check it our after tonight's game you'll need this direct link to the Exeter REPLAY or you're bound to see the score somewhere on Latics website. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/matches/fixtures/first-team/202021/november/exeter-city-vs-oldham-athletic-on-21-nov-20/
  10. If you have an ifollow subscription there's no need to fork out a tenner to fund ALMO's regime. Watch the full game tomorrow (prob available from midday or 1ish ), all league games are available in full for free the next day. Links for the full game are available to copy and save before the game. They're under the Matches tab, select Fixtures then "Live Match Centre". This is it for tonight: https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/matches/fixtures/first-team/202021/november/barrow-vs-oldham-athletic-on-24-nov-20/ To avoid seeing the score: After entering the link cover the screen except for an inch or so on the left hand side and look/scroll just below the blue block of colour for - a vid camera icon and WATCH MOW - and click it (don't look further down the page you'll see the score). The video of the game will start, don't scroll or look further down the page, you'll see the score (sneaky ifollow), select the video's "Full Screen" mode. There may be 1hr or more of goundstaff & players etc ambling about the pitch to skip over before the game starts. Other advantages as well as not putting a tenner in ALMO's pocket are:- you can skip the annoying adverts and HT
  11. Forget that - I've had another look at Tues nights game and the camera is central now.. Probable the best they can get without the pillars getting in the way
  12. Thamks guys - as there doesn't appear to be a definite answer, I did a bit of googling and found this informative page on Bradford's Official. https://www.bradfordcityfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/ifollow-financial-benefits--outlined/ It's £8.34 for the club.
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