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  1. The AGM for this year will be announced shortly, the accounts have been submitted and signed off by an independent accountant. The new Trust website will be available shortly - the url pathway just needs to be added http://www.trustoldham.co.uk NOW LIVE At the AGM we will be asking for persons to either nominate or propose themselves to the Trust. After a review, we now have controlling measures where all accounts will no be over viewed by an account and a qualified auditor. After the AGM we will have a new Trust Secretary But we need help in any of the following areas. The person can be local or an exiled supporter. Media Editor for newsletter Membership secretary Webmaster ~(to take ownership of the trust site) Events Co-ordinator. Writers, (We hope to ensure the new site will have a new story every week in each match programme and a newsletter quarterly We would also like a fund raising / events person to help raise money for fans facilities around the new stand and ground.
  2. The trust website is currently off line while the server provider redstar looks at a new platform that can be used. At present I do not have acces to the Admin Panel to receive message or change details. There will be a trust AGM within the next month or so once the accounts have been signed off and submitted. I will personally detail the AGM date,venue and time on this forum and invite anyone interested to attend. I was also nominate anyone who wants to join the trust so that you can be put forward! The trust does not have enough people to do the jobs as we are short of numbers. This isn't a put up or shut up statement it is a request for help. Due to this reminder of website failure I will contact redstar over the weekend to get the new site up ASAP ! When things are done as a favour they are often over looked !
  3. Pledge - fund has done amazingly well so far, £647 has been sent. There are a number of posters on here who have constantly sent over there pledges to allow this fund to grow. Jane, Jan, Adam, Billy, Robert, Tracy and Peter... Thank you for your continued support !! I haven't used your screen names in case you wanted some privacy but hopefully you know who you are from whom I have mentioned. A great target before the end of season would be £1000... I will offer a new pledge... £5 for every Harkins goal.
  4. Due to a few people dropping out at the last min can you let me know if you fancy popping along today at 3pm
  5. The following are down to attend on Thursday: 3pm at the main entrance. yardogs Mouse - john kennedy Sarah w Dave Taylor Jonathan Line Lags jsslatic Andy Stott stevesidg disjointed plus son. melia Jamie White peter_headen plus Dad Dave S if anyone else wants to attend let me know as we have a few places left Thanks
  6. Just been told that Wes has been admited into hospital with a suspected fractured Cheekbone...
  7. Couple of things.... Barry is on holiday and will no doubt reply to remarks made upon his return. The impact statement IMO didn't lead to any increased statement, it merely highlighted the extent of the damage mike caused to many a cross section of fine. The trust is a few people, due to people leaving the trust by there own accord and dying we have become less ! The financial mess statement made in court is due to RBS factors out of our hands... I'm unsure if I can give exact details of the nature of the fraudulent actives that occurred but .... One thing I will mention is Mike was unable to write cheques .... Period !! He wrote 6 to friends, family and business.... Other details are with the Bank... I have had a support bad response message from a southern based fan offering help which I will respond to once I can (thanks, I'll not mention who it is in case they don't want me too) With the new stand and interest in the club The Trust need help in many areas.... I will say it bluntly as in all honestly my energy levels are now low..,,. Put up or shut up !! Go hard or go home !!! We want people to help!!! If you can spare 2 hrs a month help ! Everyone on the trust wants that ! We have had dribs and drabs of interest over the last year !! There could be exciting times around the corner for the club..... Get involved
  8. In regards of today's judgement and sentencing of ex Trust Director Michael Nuttall we (Trust Oldham) would like to thank everyone that has expressed and sent support during the investigation. The sentence shows how serious the court found this matter and we hope that in time the hard work put into Trust Oldham by its volunteers is not tainted by the actions of one individual. Now this matter has been concluded we will work hard to restore the faith shown by fans and we thank you for your support. It is now we ask fans to join the trust. If anyone is interested to become a trust director there is a place for you. The court venue changes were down to the mitigating circumstance Mike gave at his hearing. Personally speaking as someone who considered Mike a friend and a fellow tic I'm disappointed that he felt that was his only option and to try and play a system to his own benefit. His family will be devistated and I know a lot of his old regulars are angry. I feel more let down by him than angry..... I hoped he would get a community order not prison there are people walking the streets of oldham and Manchester mugging and raping people and getting let off with cautions but the sentence was within the magistrates Powers and always a possibility. Now this has all been concluded and the house put back in order as such we need need blood to take things forward... The energy needed to focus and deflect negativity takes it's toll !! Without new people on board..... Well you know the rest
  9. Unfortunately Al when organising things like this it is done on days to minimise the club and team preparations and not England games. This was organised months ago but Team England decided to do things the hard way and qualify the last game way once again. The game will be shown so everyone including the players can see it. The players are happy to attend if it's for the good of the club, this is a commercial venture meaning the club are getting paid ! It's a way for fans to meet the players in a central location in a different environment. Hopefully a fan will walk away come 10pm tomorrow £10,000 richer
  10. It's just typical England complicate events ha The Game will be on in the club and there is free wifi is people attending want to watch it on their phone. This is something new for fans and players to mingle. The Poker night went well but was a £25 deal in and some couldn't play Poker This night is £10 and Bingo is a game most people can play ! A good few prizes on offer besides the money and the Manger et al will be on hand after to chat to fans
  11. My bossses have agreed that on Tusday night - The will be a FREE link game at 8:30pm for £10,000 !!! That is on top of all the other prizes
  12. Yes, You can just turn up on the night ! If you can join on-line https://www.meccabingo.com/secure/bingo-club-registration/ (New members - Please enter your details below then click 'Join Club' to join.) and select Oldham as your club that will speed it up ! Anyone who joins for this event will go into a draw for a signed shirt on top of the other items available to win on the night. Lee Johnson and a player will be calling so that will be worth coming to see, never mind the big prize money
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