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  1. Hi I'm called Mark and I might be coming to my first Latics game Sunday (Dulwich don't play until Monday)!!
  2. Gutted ..... looking forward to this, now got a home tie in the FA Trophy so can't make it
  3. We was first in Q for ST and Liverpool / Utd tickets, had seats and battery powered tv! It was easy to get tickets for both Liverpool / Utd games .... you handed over your cash and voucher A to the ticket office, they handed you a ticket and a voucher A!!!
  4. 6 August - Millwall - I'll see you in the pub before and after (i.e. I'll be watching Dulwich) 27 September - Charlton - Likely to be a goer, unless The mighty Hamlet clash, you can't beat a midweek London cup game 8 October - Gillingham - Nope .... I was bored to death of this place half way through my first visit. The pink and blues are likely to be playing this day anyhow 10 December - Oxford - Yes, this will have to be a 'big' Hamlet game to get me to miss this one 7 January - Mongs - Hell no!! I rather go watch a game at BP 18 February - Swindon - cheap
  5. Fancy Oxford only ground not been to ............... so that's my one for the year sorted!
  6. If Corney has his own legend gold brick ...................... Shez should have a whole wall
  7. I'll be out drinking Sat but no chance me paying £26 to go to that horrible, horrible place
  8. Hope not the play-off finals May Day!!! Suppose to be at my cousin's stag do for the Millwall game, but I should be in.
  9. Enfield?? Then pop along to the Dulwich game afterwards?
  10. Martin should be there for this one
  11. You keep saying that, but it's seems you're also neglecting your mistress these days!! The new pitchside craft beer bar opens this weekend.......................
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