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  1. thanks for all the advice on this we made it at 11.55 with getting a taxi from outside euston booked with addison lee
  2. thanks for this i was thinking of ordering a taxi to pick us up from euston just thinking if anyone knows a reliable taxi firm would it be better like you said to get to vauxhall then get a taxi
  3. any one can tell me any reliable taxis to get from euston to afc wimbledon get in to euston @ 11
  4. beardy could you but us down for 4 defo maybe 5 tell u soon bob
  5. can someone tell me what time does the brekfast start at got to make arrangments with other people to get there
  6. what time does the breakfast start in the greyhorse?
  7. evening beardy but me down for 4 beardy provisonally i will let you know as soon as i see the lads
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