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  1. Getting out of National League is a mare. Only one automatic spot and strange playoff format.
  2. And doing very well with Fleetwood in L1.
  3. Well 0-0 at HT. Sounds like we are well organised esp in defence.
  4. Not 1963 or any vintage Mouton. Properly kept in a cool cellar, it will last decades. I drank in a restaurant in London with sommelier.
  5. Had a sip of amazing 1963 Chateaux Mouton Rothschild way back in late 1970s, which was like smooth velvet with amazing depth of fruit filling your mouth. Never tasted anything better since (equivalent bottle today will cost £600 retail, £2,000 in a restaurant).
  6. Was at Madrid for CL final only a week ago, as he played 10 years with Spurs. Taken ill on Monday with suspected heart attack, died today. RIP.
  7. I would say pretty even game. They keep the ball better but missed some easy chances. Mouche had three chances and their keeper made some good saves. Looks like a draw but if we score first, who knows? They are missing good finisher like Stockley.
  8. Just managed to sign up for video coverage, using VPN for Canada and paying 9 C$ (about £5.20). Working fine. Just used my card's UK address. Make sure you have an alternative registration for iFollow apart from the one with UK subscription for audio.
  9. Just in case: Play-off dates Semi-final 1st leg: Either Thursday 9th May 7.45 pm (A) or Friday 10th May 7.45 pm (B). Whether the tie is A or B is determined after consultation with police. Semi-final 2nd leg: Either Sunday 12th May 6 pm (A) or Monday 13th May 7.45 pm (B). Final: Saturday 25th May 3 pm.
  10. We just don't know how to close out games. Shez did.
  11. Maynard again. He always scores against us.
  12. Latics announce press conference for this afternoon presumably to introduce Scholes as new manager.
  13. Yes, but live streaming on Bet365 is on a tiny screen, size of a small business card and cannot be extended. You should look out for other streaming sites, and usually someone posts about a site (often dodgy, with freezing screen etc) nearer the time.
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