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  1. Craig Hignett for me - great player at Crewe and went on to do a good job for Middlesborough and Barnsley.
  2. Chased Earl Barrett around Morrisons in Rochdale in 1990 until I pinned him down. Sill have his autograph on the back of my mum's shopping list.
  3. Second David Currie - he'll be forever the chap who looked like a world beater in warm up before the match only to lose all sense of touch when the whistle blew. Notts County in the cup was the only match where he actually kept it going during the match. Also Ian Olney vs. Wimbledon. I was one of his few fans, but that was the match where even his doubters (and they were plentiful!) could see he had ability. I think that possibly made him even more frustrating. Finally - Nicky Banger on loan compared to Nicky Banger, permanent signing.
  4. Fleming was fantastic that season, that match being about the best. I recall mentioning to some red colleagues at the time that I hadn't seen much of that Brian Griggs lad in the match. The best part was Fleming nicking the ball towards the end and racing halfway up the pitch, into the area and then sadly wellying the ball straight into Schmeichel's arms. It would have been the icing on the cake if he'd put it in - sadly finishing wasn't his strong point. --- Edit --- And there were loads of rumours that Utd would sign him, but they picked up David May instead (I'm pretty sure that was be
  5. Very sad to hear this - one of my favourite teachers at CH. He still had the mini when he first arrived there (although it was green in my memory) and I remember the exact same knee position. The best thing about him was that he spoke to you with a degree of equality - you could have a conversation (or even a debate) with him, yet at the same time he still commanded respect. Sad loss.
  6. Neil Pointon - I remember wondering how Andy Barlow (then my joint second favourite player) was ever going to get back in the team. Sadly no idea who it was against, just his performance that sticks in my mind. Also, wasn't David Currie's starring role coming off the bench against Notts County his debut? Looked as if we had signed one of the great football geniuses. He continued to look like a football genius every match, right up until about the time the whistle blew, whereupon he lost all ability.
  7. My one and only meeting with Gary was as a 15 year old at the tube station after we'd just lost 1-0 to Forest in the League Cup final. My dad recognised him - I didn't really know him - and he was a real gent. Put a few things into perspective (particularly for me - at 15 I tended to have unrealistic expectations of us) and gave us a bit of an insight into how a real footballer saw the game. I'm glad to hear that you found him to be just as genuine. If he does end up doing an interview, I'll read with interest.
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