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  1. Absolutely. Terrible call from them. They’ve been steadily increasing their own status through bribing lower league teams and turning the screw here and there over the years. Presumably thought they could do what they wanted. No subtlety here though. Hopefully people will be more wary of their motives going forward.
  2. Not sure why you've singled out Shearer. I would have thought that every single ex-playing pundit that talks about the premier league on tv/radio would be classed as a "parasite" by your definition. They all also accepted the salaries they were offered for the jobs they were doing. Also a bit strange to slag off his decision to go to Newcastle over Man Utd, which should put him slightly higher on the moral ladder than most!
  3. Which bit are you talking about? Is it restricting their ability to practice their trade by establishing eligibility rules to say that any player competing in a FIFA or UEFA international tournament be registered for an approved domestic or international club competition?
  4. 1. You're immediately removed from all domestic competitions and banned from future ones 2. You're immediately removed from international club competitions and banned from future ones 3. Your players are banned from participating in international tournaments from today 4. Now off you fuck
  5. Interesting how low season ticket revenue is being blamed on the guy who came up with a pricing structure that would surely see a ticket sale increase at any other club. And not on any of the factors that saw sales drop off massively pre-Karl.
  6. Yep. I'd feel more confident putting a market value bid to Blitz for the land than I would AL for the club. Blitz, despite what we might think of him and what he's done, is a businessman with a reasonable track record and may recognise a fair deal if offered one. Don't feel the same about AL.
  7. That's the main issue for me - acquiring it in the first place. It seems the 2 parties are massively overvaluing their respective assets. But with cash in hand and a proper plan, it might be feasible to make a sale at market values? Who knows. Got to be worth a shot anyway!
  8. Agree - it would be a very difficult thing to achieve, doesn't mean we shouldn't aim for it or something similar though. It's all well and good contributing to minibuses or sponsoring player socks, but there's nothing wrong with having loftier ambitions. Other clubs have done it. If it doesn't work?... sell it as one entity.
  9. For me it depends on what revenue streams are available. Lets say a fan body owns the club and land/ground etc. How far off a competitive league 2 budget would you be if you added up... - season ticket sales - match day ticket sales (home and away) - league payments - tv payments - food/drink profits - hospitality profits - non match day event profits - rent from office/business space - sponsorship - merchandise Assuming that a well run fan body would be able to increase some/all of those things from the level they're at no
  10. I'm not sure where it's been pointed out what I was advocating earlier, but for clarity I was disagreeing with the phrase "apathy has won".
  11. Only a very small number of people use those sort of terms and they're wrong to do so.
  12. Short term thinking. For me it's not just about "getting them out", it's bigger than that. And it doesn't need 1000 fans to want to take the bull by the horns and lead something, it only takes a small number. If their aims are solid and they have the personalities to bring people along with them then we'll be on the right track. Whatever form it might take, we need a unified fans body with a specific long term strategic goal, such as to get to a 50+1 fan ownership model, or ownership of the ground, or ownership of a new ground. More than that, we need people with the time, skil
  13. Such a defeatist attitude. There are plenty of things that can be done. Other fans who’s clubs have been at deaths door on the whim of shit owners have managed to do something. Or have they just sat back and waited for a euromillions win?
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