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  1. They barely have any experience of football at the level we're currently at and none at the level we're trying to get to. For how many of those games were they full time professionals? How many of those games were against teams that were fully professional? Relevant experience is important and is what I was referring to.
  2. Do AL and Mo realise you can get experienced players that are 28/29/30 and have several years left in them? You don't need players with 600 games in the league to find experience, 2/300 games would be a start. Who is left in the squad that has anywhere near that? Grant? Jombati?
  3. Zero change in tone. That's one of the key things for me. There was a lot of meaningless word guff, but ultimately there's no sign of any change of message. Just asks for blind faith. Again.
  4. The calibre of the manager/head coach and playing squad has been in constant decline since AL took over. As bad as Kewell may be, I don’t have much hope that replacing him will make much of a positive difference.
  5. This sums my feelings up perfectly. I'm trying to work out what would need to happen for me to revert back and I'm not sure what it would take. A resolution of and line drawing under all the ongoing issues? And end to all the contradictory club statements that seem to treat fans as mugs? Barry gone? All that would help maybe, but even then I'm not sure it would be enough. There's been 3 years of this so it's hard to shake the feeling that as long as AL is in charge we'll always be moments away from another monumental fuck up.
  6. Listening to what he says, it doesn’t come across as a player/manager fall out which must be pretty commonplace.
  7. Does anyone know whereabouts his instagram chat with Craig Davies sits in the general timeline of what has happened with Wheater over the last few months? Could that have been the real catalyst for the club taking the stance they have, with the furlough thing a convenient excuse? Edit: I said Morais first, because I was listening to him talk about Latics on the bolton podcast. But I think the chat I'm thinking of was with Davies where Wheater tries not to say anything about the owners when Davies is talking, but doesn't exactly shut it down.
  8. It's £10,000 for winning a group game. Obviously we should be prioritising the league and I would hope we do, but we live a fairly hand to mouth existance at the moment so wouldn't be surprised if we go as full strength as possible.
  9. Given the financial incentives for winning I'd have thought the pressure would be on to go as full strength as possible.
  10. If you were going to start a campaign to protest against a consistent, club-damaging pattern of behaviour, why wouldn't you do it when it affected one of the most important and popular players?
  11. Their priority should be rebuilding the relationship with the fans with a view to selling season tickets/match passes/merchandise etc. Not mugging them off while trying to score cheap social media points with one of their own players.
  12. Wouldn't surprise me if they were trying to get Wheater to do or say something on social media that would put him in breach of contract.
  13. "Misinformation and conjecture on all social media" They told us on Sep 21st he "would no longer be part of the first team squad", and nothing has been said officially since then. But they're now disappointed in Wheater that he hasn't told everyone the full story?!?! Karl, if you're reading... it's exactly this kind of bullshit hoodwinking that gets fans backs up so much.
  14. If you’ve got little budget then hire a manager used to working under those conditions, sign grafters and play in a style befitting your budget. Don’t expect to have a team capable of passing it round like Brazil if you can’t afford to pay for players who can do it.
  15. I think all 1st round games were classed as elite - hence no fans allowed. So presumably they’ll all go ahead.
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