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  1. Couldn’t agree more about the losses. They aren’t written in stone, they’re there because we’ve not had anyone capable of running the club properly or engaging with the fans to increase ticket/merchandise sales. It’s feasible that a fan led ownership could generate a bigger budget with increased season tickets etc. The current set up is virtually the opposite of fan owned, they hold fans in such contempt they’re fan repellers.
  2. Thanks. Would also explain why all of the Mo-built squads look imbalanced and not properly thought out.
  3. This is the problem in my opinion. And I wouldn't be shocked if Rowe did all the compromising to get back in the team, rather than coming to a mutual agreement.
  4. It's not about the footballing merits of those players, it's about the pattern of treatment. They weren't just let go, the majority of them were forced out, humiliated with the youths etc. They don't want/like experienced players. Probably because they have influence in the dressing room, with the coach/manager, with the fans etc. And it's massively damaging to our chances of promotion.
  5. I’m not saying he should take no blame, just that indecision is exaggerated when you have little confidence in those in front of you.
  6. If we were in the game but making silly defensive errors then that's a more simple fix (better defenders). But we're being regularly dominated and overrun in midfield. So a tactical change needed and quite a few new players needed in defence and midfield. Lawlor made errors last night, but I'm going to offer a bit of a defence for him (more than the rest of the team). Mansfield had several free headers in the penalty area before they scored, so it's not a huge surprise Lawlor took it upon himself to try and make a clearance. It was poor and cost a goal, but I can understand why h
  7. I'll have a go at suggesting alternatives. I think these are all fairly common sense options, not without their own issues obviously, but I think would have resulted in less dead bodies. And didn't require hindsight either... 1. We so desperately wanted to "control our borders", yet have left them wide open and unattended for whoever wanted to come in or go out dripping with covid. Other islands shut theirs, or at least put in place a lot stricter measures. 2. We wanted "control of our laws" too whilst I'm on that theme, but Cummings was backed by everyone in government
  8. Where do the stats come from for point 3? I had a quick look and see us below very few comparable countries. And above almost all the countries you mention.
  9. That’s like sprinting off at the start of the marathon and celebrating a lead. Let’s see where we are in a few months. On almost every other front they’ve shown themselves to be utterly incapable. I’m not convinced they’ll be able to deliver a mass vaccine roll out without fucking up somewhere along the line.
  10. Wouldn’t McAleny be a more likely target than Rowe for other clubs this window?
  11. The model of a sporting director being heavily involved in recruitment isn’t the “interference” most are bothered about is it? Not for me at least. The interference issue at oafc is banishing players when you want to force them out, dressing room team talks and getting involved in team selection. That sort of thing. Which is hopefully happening less now. The problem with our model is a total lack of accountability. It seems Mo and Barry are chief recruiters. After 3 years of dismal failure (with the odd exception) they’d be out in normal circumstances. But both are seemingly untouc
  12. Very well said Pete. After all they’ve done, all that’s been asked of them and is still being asked, can’t believe anyone would criticise them trying to briefly lift their moods with a bit of harmless fun. Can imagine the internet in 1914... “Shocking that those disrespectful troops played football on Christmas Day with the enemy while their mates lay dead in the trenches”... etc etc
  13. Wasn’t expecting them to be listed one by one. Just wondering if it did actually happen all the time at every club.
  14. Do players get banished to the youths all the time at every club though?
  15. Newport, forest green, Carlisle, Cheltenham and Morecambe currently make up the top 5. All have a pre-covid fan base of around 4K or under, which should be compatible with us. I expect us to be able to compete with those teams, I just don’t have the faith in the current owner to actually achieve that.
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