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  1. Kewell has been using language recently that was pretty much writing off this season. Low standards permeate this club from top to bottom.
  2. The way Kewell was talking about the window before and during it suggested nothing serious was going to be done to try and push us forward. But that would be more understandable if we made no signings. The fact that we made 4 but didn't strengthen the areas we obviously needed to makes no sense at all. Unless its deliberate sabotage or gross incompetence.
  3. At the start of the January window we were 4 points off the play offs. Now it's 11. We've been left behind.
  4. Exactly right. We may win a couple here and there and get excited at the possibility of the play offs, but until things change that's as good as it'll get under this lot.
  5. Can it all be valued independently so a fair market price can be ascertained? Is that why the trust are looking for RICS surveyors?
  6. I think we have several top 10 players, but I'm not convinced we have a top 10 squad. Too many loans, too much imbalance, too many inconsistent players, lack of experience etc.
  7. There’s only one change that would make any sort of positive difference. And it’s not Kewell.
  8. I found him a difficult listen in that interview with the trust. It came across to me like he was answering the questions how he thought it would sound best, rather than in an honest way. It's one thing to protect your players by not being too critical or too personal outside the dressing room, but to basically try and argue there's no problem at all is just weird.
  9. These would be my reasons for giving him another year. Which is a bit depressing. Would rather be saying renew because I thought he was really good at his job.
  10. Good place to leave it. It’s why I tend to stay out of general team selection discussions, all feels pretty irrelevant when there’s no chance we’re going anywhere positive under this ownership.
  11. I've not moved any goalposts that I'm aware of. We're 9 points off the playoffs with 19 games to go in a really tight, generally low quality league. I think that with him in the team, we'd stand a better chance of closing that gap than if we just carry on as we are. And as we didn't get rid of him in January or sign another centre back, to keep him out of the team for non footballing reasons now is deliberate self sabotage by AL and Mo.
  12. Again, that's not what I'm saying. But anyway, to answer to your question... Because he might improve us a little bit and we get into the play offs?
  13. I took it personally because you replied to a post that was about my post and misrepresented things I'd said. Eg "They then make up numbers about goals he would save and points we would gain based on guesswork." - this is about what I said wasn't it? I've no interest in a slanging match either, I thought the exchange was very amicable til that point.
  14. Your argument appears to be that David Wheater would not improve this defence or team in any way whatsoever. My opinion is that he would. No idea by how much, just that he would be an improvement on a team shipping nearly 2 goals a game. So we're in disagreement. That's fine. No need to make up a load of bollocks about what you think I've said/implied/thought.
  15. I'm glad you found my post so hilarious, we all need a bit of cheering up in these dark times The point of my post wasn't to provide certain proof that Wheater is the messiah that would 100% lead us to glory (although I suspect you know this). It was in response to someone using stats because they were sure he wouldn't make a difference. And it was more to highlight that even a small improvement to our defence could make a big difference to our league position, and that it was disgraceful of the club to not even attempt that improvement in January one way or another.
  16. Trying to understand your point but struggling. We're doing a bit better than expected so no point trying to do better?
  17. Of course it's all guesswork. But seeing as we're down in 17th and showing no signs of the consistency needed to try and challenge for promotion I'd be up for us giving it a go.
  18. We'll definitely never agree on it as we've had this debate a few times now! We're 1 point off 13th, so barely any difference to where we are now. But we're only 9 points off the play offs. If we had a better central defender (Wheater or another) who could have cut out 6 of the 50 goals we've conceded, that could have made up those 9 points. 3 draws into wins, 3 defeats into draws. It's criminal it wasn't resolved in January.
  19. The question is not whether Wheater has been good for us, or whether he's lived up to his previous career or reputation. It's whether he would improve our defence now. Even if we take your 57 from 37 games, that's 1.54 goals per game with Wheater last season. We've now conceded 50 from 27, that's 1.85 goals per game without Wheater this season. Doesn't prove anything at all, but suggests it may be worth giving him a go. Or, if not, then negotiating him out of the club and signing a replacement.
  20. Quite. Really can't believe anyone would say he'd make no difference at all. Even just a small difference may have propelled us up the table. How many of our high scoring defeats have been by 1 goal? If some could have been turned into draws by a slight defensive improvement, or a few draws been turned into wins by 1 less conceded every now and again, that could be us right in amongst it.
  21. You keep saying this but it's not true. He didn't play every game, he missed 3 of 37 league games. We conceded 57 in the league in total, but 51 in the 34 games Wheater was involved in (1.5 goals per game with him, 2 goals per game without him). And in the games he played, if you exclude goals conceded when he wasn't on the pitch or when we were down to 9 men, then that drops to 42 (1.24). Bear in mind that the first half of the season he was alongside Iacovitti too. Wheater alongside Clarke now wouldn't improve the defence? Don't buy that. I'm not saying he'd be the differen
  22. Whether Wheater would improve the team or not isn’t the main issue, it’s that he’s here but he’s not an option for Kewell. Same goes for Clarke, here but not an option tonight because we have too many loans. It’s absolute madness.
  23. Yep. Whichever one it is, it's tying Karl's hands behind his back. He's put forward a really good season ticket proposal that should be commended. And in normal circumstances should really generate a good response. But without being able to confirm that they can sell seats in the newest stand in the ground I'd be surprised if it gets the response it should. And I don't buy into the argument that AL, the OEC and Blitz should take equal blame. If there are safety issues that need addressing then the blame should fall on who is responsible for them. If it's contractual then it's
  24. Should who owns what make a difference to whether fans can sit in the JR stand seats next season? I thought it closed because of safety issues.
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