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  1. Are they allowed a rent holiday at the moment? If so, a lot of debt is building up.
  2. Yes, to PTB in their monthly meeting. Yes, to PTB in their monthly meeting.
  3. Perhaps Fage is on a deal like Mills was. If he plays another game he has to be offered another contract.
  4. His excuse is that his English isn't good. However it seems to be good enough to speak to agents and others at the club. There's no point him being interviewed by a club employee, it has to be by PTB or the Trust, but he'll never agree to that. HK played the diamond in midfield again against there five, which has failed miserably in the past. It took too long to change by bringing Diarra on. He was right though, mot of them seemed like they just didn't want to be out there getting wet. Maybe something behind the scenes has upset them.
  5. Was that the club or the Trust? I couldn't quite make out. Our CEO says it will be a struggle to pay the wages this month. If AL can't afford that, then where is he going to get the £6m+ for the stadium and surrounding land from.
  6. It's rumoured that the Chancellor will extend the furlough scheme until September. Will AL repeat his mistake of last season by pissing off our best players, or will he have learnt his lesson? It's probably a no brainer that he will do the same again.
  7. He did, but the AL said that about all the previous managers. Pete Wild, Dino and Wellens disagreed.
  8. I'd extend. He has done well with the players dumped on him. How many are his we don't know. Any decent manager out there wouldn't put up with the Lemmies and that would lead to more disruption. His coaching has improved DKD and Bahamboula and he may be able to convince the players we need to keep to stay. I notice he has managed to get an illegal hair cut last week.
  9. Had Jombati's tangle with Clarke been in the PL with VAR, he would have had a straight red for headbutting. Surely it's Mo picking him rather than HK. Poor games for Harry Clarke and Badan (why can we never find a decent LB?) Why play Tasdemir out of position when there are strikers on the bench? Tranmere playing possession football and trying to hold onto a one goal lead was stupid against 10 men, it's cost them two points.
  10. It was me who first brought up the 10%. I didn't intend to start an argument, it was just what I had heard and read. Yes it is a small number of people, and it may well prove to be wrong when a larger sample is used, but it's what's out there at the moment. We will have to live with this virus now it's out there like we live with flu, and the flu vaccines are nowhere near as effective as the Covid vaccines. Drugs are also in trial, which may turn out to stop it completely.
  11. They shouldn't have stopped using the Oxford vaccine. It is still very good against the original virus and good enough against the Brazilian variant. They gave me the Pfizer jab today and I await possible side effects tomorrow.
  12. The media seem to be getting carried away with positivity regarding this pandemic. They wanted to know when we would enter lockdown when cases were rising alarmedly. As soon as we enter lockdown, they wanted to know when we will come out and what would make that decision possible. Now they seem over the moon because things, on the face of it, look brighter. They don't watch and listen to what they have reported in the past. The large majority of people who have had a vaccine have had the Oxford/AstraZeneca one. It has been reported that this vaccine is only 10% effective against this South Af
  13. I've been one of the biggest critics of DKD, but last night he didn't put a foot wrong. He didn't give the ball away once. Lawlor needs dropping after that display and how Jombati keeps his place after the way he played against Salford is unbelievable. Tasdemir did nothing when he came on.
  14. The fire doors problem was explained on the podcast by Brooks. He said that they had had a break in and the doors were damaged. They have a very specialised locking system which they had to wait for, but they had been fixed.
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