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  1. Oldham and Keith Curle still in talks over longer-term deal | The Oldham Times “It’s not just a case of ‘do you want to stay, we’ll pay you this much’, there’s a hell of a lot more that goes into. “It’s getting the direction the football club wants to go in and needs to go in and putting in place things that you’re going to need on that journey. “Everybody has to be aligned and it has to be the right decision for everybody, and within that it has to be as clear and as decisive as you can make it, and that helps an upward curve, when everybody’s got an accountability for w
  2. Potential owners look at the size of the town. With a population of nearly 250,000 we should be able to get 15,000 gates at least. We know it doesn't happen, but a possible owner might think with the right marketing and a winning team those gates could be possible.
  3. No striker starting. Where are Blackwood and Darnley? Barnes was injured last week, so that explains him being out. Bilboe injured?
  4. What's the point in them turning up now, when training virtually ends this weekend. How can they be assessed properly?
  5. Thanks for your kind messages everyone. We will miss him.
  6. They borrowed a vast amount of the money they used to buy Utd. They landed the club in debt, by putting the loan onto the club's books. How that's possible I don't know, but it is legal.
  7. They have done well, despite having no ground. I didn't know abt the Warwick Uni. link. You are right, it's not a great example, compared with our situation, but the fans did make their feelings about the situation known at away grounds.
  8. It's with great sadness that I have to say this. My brother Laticsrblue (Ian Broadbent), a Latics supporter for well over 50 years, passed away this morning. He bravely battled on ,after receiving the awful prognosis that he had terminal cancer, back in February. He used to post clips of goals on here from big Gordy's commentaries, for those who remember..
  9. I don't think this would do any good right now. Both AL and Mo are out of the country and probably won't even know about it. I also doubt it would get any media attention. It's a good idea, but it didn't work for Coventry. They still have no ground, three years after being forced out.
  10. They will appoint someone else once Mo has done his recruiting if he leaves.
  11. How many other club's fans want the owners out? They all refuse to go for some unknown reason. The Venky's at Blackburn and how many more, excluding the PL clubs?
  12. Ripley had a great season here behind Clarke, but seems to have gone downhill since. His time at Bury was poor, and he hasn't done well at PNE. Hence his demotion.
  13. KC knows what Bahambola, DKD and McCalmont can do. He's having a look at Dearnley, Barnes and Garrity. Garrity can have the odd good game, but 1 in 10 ain't good enough for me.
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