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  1. There's no depth to the squad. Two or three injuries and we'll be struggling. Their must be some loans to come in over the next few weeks.
  2. I don't think Paul was lying. Perhaps the club have been negotiating with Blitz, who they regard as 'the organ grinder'. It did seem a massive inconvenience to Flynn. He is the one with the most influential job to find new investors. Perhaps he doesn't even mention Latics when he's with his colleagues, and I wouldn't expect him to say anything in his professional role. Flynn is also the best placed to show OASF how, and where best to raise funds.
  3. I'm surprised this topic hasn't been started already. Last nights meeting showed the glaring difference between the old guard and the new. Board meetings in future (I presume all the director candidates will be accepted) will be very fractious. I'm afraid that some directors of one side, or the other may walk away, because they are polls apart in achieving what we all want, which is a well run and respected football club. Paul Hughes(OAFC director) seems to have quietly convinced AL to negotiate with the OEC to get the North Stand opened to fans, and to get an experienced manager on a long term contract. He wanted KC to be offered a 3 year contract, but did manage to get a 2 year contract for him. Whether these two decisions by the club are down to Paul's negotiating ability or not I don't know, but it seems to me that it is possible he has found a way to get them to listen. I will probably get shot down for saying that. Paul also said, that one person stood in the way of the club signing the MoU, and that person is no longer at the club. I can only presume that person is Barry Owen, who may also have been the person preventing progress with the North Stand (who knows). A lot of the questions submitted by members were just brushed aside by Jason Flynn, and grouped together at the last minute. I appreciate the Directors have jobs to do as well, but more time could have been taken over this. Jason seemed to want to rush through them to get the meeting over by 9pm. (perhaps he hadn't had his dinner). When put under pressure, he said it would be up to the new board to answer these questions. How OASF can possibly raise enough money to buy the stadium and car park, pay for the maintenance and rebuild two stands I don't know. I reckon that could run to around £20m. Jason Flynn, in his daytime job, should know people with that kind of cash. He should also know how money like that could be raised. The possible new directors all seem to want to cut all ties with the club and use al means possible to force AL to sell, but they can't control who he sells to. I don't like the way he has been running the club, or the way he treats staff and players, but at least he seems to putting around £500k into the club each year, according to OASF. I guess our best hope is for AL to walk away and OASF, with some investors take over the club, until they can find a suitable wealthy person (or persons) to buy the club and run it properly.
  4. I take it that the dark blue seats are vacant. Is that right? The message at the bottom is very odd, "Please leave no empty seats". Are they begging fans to buy them all?
  5. It's certainly not Dearnley either. No.19 looks quite young.
  6. Exactly. How do we know he's an upgrade, we haven't seen him play yet. I don't think KC will throw him in to the 1st. game, whichever trialist he signs will probably start.
  7. Selling the club to Lee Power who wants to get back into football. Or to anyone willing to pay him for the club who doesn't have it's best interests at heart. I think the way ALMO run the club is a culture thing. They are not used to being questioned and told they are wrong.
  8. He did seem to think though, that surely it wouldn't continue and they would allow him to play again. He was training hard and doing everything asked of him. Even moving into a mates house that was being renovated, to abide by new rules they made up regarding commuting.
  9. There must be some loans to come in that we don't have to pay for. Why PL and Championship clubs should want clubs to pay for their loan players bugs me. The clubs borrowing them are benefitting, by having a player supposedly superior in class to what they could afford. The club loaning out a player are also benefitting, by their payer gaining valuable experience,, now that they no longer have reserve sides. Surridge is a prime example.
  10. He probably will. He could have been fixed up somewhere by now if he had gone on loan. Saying that, they may have wanted him to go somewhere like Southend.
  11. Most clubs do that now. Latics is £18 in advance and £22 on the day for adults. Over 65's and under 21's is £8 in advance and £10 on the day. Under 18's £5 in advance and £7 on the day.
  12. Have a look at the BBC's transfer page. Hardly any are disclosed. Transfer news: Done deals during July 2021 - BBC Sport It stops other clubs knowing how much a team got for a player and upping their asking price when that club enquires about their players. It also keeps the tax man in the dark.
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