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  1. May be a bit of over confidence there. We might have a chance after all, with more of our squad available by then as well.
  2. AL owns the club and should pay the debts. If he was depending on FA Cup, or TV money from it, then I doubt any will be forthcoming this season.
  3. That doesn't stop the club these days. Two players signed on two year contracts when not allowed comes to mind. They are not receiving the EFL solidarity payments now because these are used to repay the loan.
  4. A lot of what he calls investment went n paying poor players silly money, and also paying players who never even made the 1st. team.
  5. If we did get relegated and he decided to walk and put the club into admin., we could very well be relegated again because of the points deduction. Whilst he still convinces himself that he can turn things around he won't go anywhere unless he gets an offer much closer to what he wants.
  6. It was a good piece with the usual club statement stating that AL has put £5m of his own personal wealth into the club and taken nothing out. Of course not mentioning the money he wasted paying silly money to Menig and others on 4 and 5k pw. for two seasons. Another bit of fortune in that Nedum Onuoha was one of the pundits. He went to school in Oldham with many Latics fans and was able to say how passionate the fans are.
  7. That's a very light weight midfield.
  8. I doubt anything could be done to stop AL appointing him. Surely the EFL can't stop him employing a CEO if he's not on the board. They don't seem interested in getting involved in maters like this.
  9. With lots of injuries. Admittedly it's possible these are in some cases are down to training methods at the outset, but they were playing well beforehand. Get rid of Jameson and add a striker on loan and we should be ok. Pay off the loan and add another striker would be even better, but that won't happen.
  10. He may be leaving of his own accord. He said that he was here for the North Stand and now realises that AL has no intention of buying the stadium.
  11. Will Bahamboula be available does anyone know? I expect Vaughn and Bowden will be away on international duty.
  12. It won't stop AL appointing whoever he likes.
  13. So will Mansfield fans. I'm surprised they are struggling. They seem to have a large budget based on the players they sign.
  14. £4.5k pw. at 15 and no-one to advise him about money. Surely his agent should have helped him. Now he's doing his coaching badges will he ever be back as manager?
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