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  1. We didn't have 3k there last time we played at Spotland. It looks more like 2k this time, which is poor.
  2. No. Just that it was shown in the accounts (I shouldn't have said set aside, as that implies it's sitting in the bank) and we only have Shahed's input to say it will be paid.
  3. KC also said Pidge is carrying an injury and shouldn't really have started, but he was itching to play.
  4. According to Shahed (in his meeting with OASF) the HMRC money will be paid. It's not a rumour, it's fact. £1m was set aside in the accounts for it.
  5. I noticed in yesterdays paper that Burnley's attendance wasn't published. If a club counts all ST holders as attending a game. How do they differentiate between them and fans who have tickets scanned and pay on the day? Or are they just making it up.
  6. It doesn't really matter as there won't be anything left to pay any debts. I thing AL is now in so deep, that he finds it very hard to let go and lose all that money. Paying that tax bill will dig him an even deeper hole. If he is taking Corney to court, he needs to hurry it up, so that he can attempt to get some of it back and leave. Corney would no doubt plead poverty though.
  7. @BP1960It's one of the hidden debts Corney allegedly failed to inform AL about. If you remember HMRC raided the club a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly £1m was set aside for this in the last accounts. In the OASF meeting with Shahed, he told the rep. that the club would pay up when HMRC give them a figure. Shahed seems t have done a very good job at the club. This HMRC debt has been reduced because of the accounts depts. work and they have also managed to get a significant VAT refund. It's a pity he's leaving to focus on his own business
  8. Alan is probably keeping himself busy and enjoys helping out where he can. He was a very helpful chap when he was employed by the club and very transparent. The complete opposite of what has gone on for a number of years.
  9. Apparently AL is back and will attend a meeting. This maybe with OASF who have a meeting with Evans.
  10. I thought tickets were available online. I don't think clubs include ST holders when announcing the attendance. They are supposed to use the turnstile counters. Alan Hardy showed these to fans when we thought the numbers being announced were falsely low.
  11. This is the problem. Fans have no control over who buys into their club. We could end up with a similar character owning OAFC.
  12. Probably Alan Hardy, who I believe still pops in to help out. He may have upset Evans. Roy is very careful what he says on the commentary. What he says off air though could have upset someone.
  13. Curle is blaming the EFL for not allowing kids to start games. He should be blaming AL, who thought the limitations were perfectly acceptable.
  14. When I bought a ticket earlier in the season I was only offered the print at home option. No QR code then. Can't you print the ticket?
  15. The ones who think the ticket office is a part time job. I notice they say that they have a large allocation of Rochdale tickets, but not the amount. They are however, happy to say a further allocation of 400 tickets have been received for Brentford, making a total of 1000. I wonder why the won't say how many Rochdale tickets they actually received!!!
  16. Unfortunately under the embargo after the transfer window closed, we can only bring players in if we have a squad of 16 or less fit players. I guess we are at that stage, depending on how some of the youth players are classed.
  17. They did have a reader last time I purchased tickets at the ground, which I haven't done for two years. I buy them online these days and pick them up, or print them off at home. Perhaps it's broken, or someone else was using it somewhere for some reason.
  18. I wonder if we are still allowed to loan players from the NL. Not that he would come here of course.
  19. They can't afford it, but what's the point/ The injured players won't suddenly get fit again. If we have no strikers, how can a new manager get us scoring goals to win games?
  20. He said one of the youth players on the bench was injured, which was probably Luamba, as Da Silva came on.
  21. They will keep two or three regulars on the bench to come on late in the game to finish us off.
  22. Plenty of time yet, they have only just gone on general sale. Mind you, with so many season tickets the club says they've sold, I would have expected more to have been sold. Of course they haven't said how many adult ST's they've sold. I've just bought mine. Did they say what our allocation is?
  23. I would think two people are needed in the ticket office and that she is staying on part time.
  24. I start doing Euromillions when it gets to £100m. I know I've got enough to sort everything out then without worrying about getting down to the last million. I've also got my introduction speech ready for the press conference. Back to reality.
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