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  1. Can just about scrape a half decent starting XI out of that lot
  2. Head and shoulders above anyone else on the pitch (again)
  3. No idea what fee is involved, but if No fancies redeeming himself with a potential investment...
  4. Wouldn't be here in the first place if he had the end product.
  5. Sounds like a top pro and good character to have around. Legge's have gone though according to the Port Vale forum.
  6. Colchester chairman says there's a few League two clubs with serious concerns about how they're going to pay this month's wages... What's the bet we're one of them!
  7. Would have pissed me off 12-18 months ago, but just not arsed anymore... Fair fucks to those that still give a shit though
  8. Swap deal for Clayton Donaldson according to rumours on twitter
  9. Someone on the Bradford forum got hold of this yesterday...same person has said today that it's all sorted!
  10. To be fair to the ref, he gave it every possible opportunity. Many would have pulled it long before he has!
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