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  1. Well, going off other fans reaction to us appointing Curle, then be prepared for a drab, dull, long hoofball style and to be set up not to concede, rather than score... Which I can live with if it's successful, but we haven't got the players to play like that at the moment
  2. Wonder if it gets a bit awkward between Kewell and Abdallah's wives now... Best mates weren't they?
  3. An assistant manager who was "brought in to help out" only recently... Doesn't really add up does it.
  4. An easy 3 month's pay for him with no pressure if he fails, it's the owners fault. It won't harm his reputation any as everyone in football knows about our basketcase owners
  5. He's a bit hooooof ball isn't he? Ian evatt makes a good point... Kewell recruits a squad to play a certain way (however unsuccessfully) Curle will want to play the opposite way with Kewels players... Bahamboula will be interesting if the defenders are told to leather it up the pitch.
  6. Can just about scrape a half decent starting XI out of that lot
  7. Head and shoulders above anyone else on the pitch (again)
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