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  1. Apparently (if what I've read is correct), then him buying 25% is under the % that the EFL start doing the checks on, not that the checks seem to be worth the while anyway.
  2. Another shady character about to get his hands on (part of) a football club... Apparently he's closely linked to Bassini too
  3. How much are them plane banners? Mo would have to go some to try stop one of those, plus they usually get coverage of some sort in the media.
  4. Alan Nixon says a few deals to be announced later once the EFL checks over the paperwork... Dmaarms hinting it involves us.
  5. We're not signing Robbie Gotts, he's off to Barrow.
  6. We'll make money on him, decent player.
  7. Be interesting to see their attendance once they move to the AJ Bell. I think both rugby clubs dropped fans when they went there. Bit of a pain to get to.
  8. Didn't we offer Furman a deal that got turned down thinking he'd get a better offer and he ended up at The Dog & Duck FC?
  9. Looks like there was a bit of trouble on the way home for some of our fans?? Saw a video on social media of a smashed up coach covered in blood at some service station. Looks like it was trouble with Everton fans. Hope anyone involved is alright.
  10. I wouldn't take too much notice, one of them also said how pleased he was that two of their players passed to each other
  11. Thought he was going to chin the ref for pulling his shirt
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