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  1. Would have pissed me off 12-18 months ago, but just not arsed anymore... Fair fucks to those that still give a shit though
  2. Swap deal for Clayton Donaldson according to rumours on twitter
  3. Someone on the Bradford forum got hold of this yesterday...same person has said today that it's all sorted!
  4. To be fair to the ref, he gave it every possible opportunity. Many would have pulled it long before he has!
  5. This is shite, unless the ball is on the touchline, can't see what's going on
  6. 10 mins to see if the fog clears (which it has done a little, according to the FGR commentary) They are now worried about the ground freezing
  7. Fog rolling in. FGR commentary suggested the ref said to the managers at 14:20 he was happy to give it a go and see how it goes... Postponement might be the best we can hope for the way it's gone so far. Edit: they are now saying they can't see the opposite side of the pitch
  8. Looked a stonewall pen that. FGR commentary seems to think it wasn't though?
  9. Home - B - quite like it. Away - A - 'best' of a bad bunch.
  10. Yeah I'm listening to their commentary too (which is really good actually compared to ours) and he's just said they've re looked at the stream and he gets the ball as clear as day... Still, couldn't care less, I'll take it all day long
  11. Unbelievable Jeff, would never have predicted this in a million years!
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