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  1. Good luck Neal! thanks for the solid performances in a latics shirt. hope you go out and prove yourself at a higher level and get snapped up by a Prem team(so we get a nice sell on )
  2. lets hope this is another one doncaster take off us!!! no thanks, not the type of striker we need!
  3. i went last year and stayed over night, i think they were only about 400 of us but it was when everywhere was covered in snow, so nobody knew if the game would be on! they have bars inside the ground, but a few of us went out on the pop before hand in the town centre! about 10mins from the ground, with one street full of bars and pubs on both sides!!! Winde street i think it was called, worth a visit if you get chance! wont be able to make it this year due to work, but enjoy the day!
  4. id like to see that jarrett have a go at taking the corners, he seems like he can strike a decent ball. its gotta be worth a go as we cant really get much worse at them
  5. how much did smalley and allesandra complement each other!!! you could tell they have played together before!
  6. Mark Crossley 8 - solid game, did well against the wind in the second half Neal Eardley 6 - based on first half, rubbish second Neal Trotman 8 - continues to impress me, best prospect in a while Stefan Stam 6 - too arty farty for me, but did a job Reuben Hazell 5 - NOT A LEFT BACK!!! dissapoints me coz i rate him Chris Taylor 5 - no confidence JP Kalala 8 - terrior in midfield Gary McDonald 5 - did he play today? MARK ALLOTT 9 - iv read in other posts tonight he did not put the effort in???? everythin we did he was at the heart of!!!! Craig Davies 6 - would of been lower apar
  7. i agree re. taylor....did you notice, the TWO times he did not cut in and stayed on his left foot today...he beat his man
  8. Its funny isnt it...coz when we signed him, i read on other forums wolves fans slaggin him off! "greedy....cant shoot" just some of the words used! the lad has potential, it was earlier in the season championship and even premiership scouts were watchin him!! think we are begining to see the reasons why wolves didnt sign him!
  9. anyone see the girl who's pants kept falling down! gave us in the lookers a right treat lol EDIT - beat me to it PUKKA
  10. the guy who was chased by the police horse got caught on the sheepfoot lane car-park. i saw a huddersfield fan take a right crack on the chin from a police batton after tryin to hit the policeman, outside the RRE. and the trouble on Rochdale road seemed nasty
  11. he cant cross a ball, we need someone to feed our strikers, i think he looks more dangerous cutting in from the left, shift taylor to the right
  12. its worth it just to get one over on Donny
  13. unless we lose another midfielder i.e Kalala, cant see us going for him, or maybe he's quite creative? i also see he's a regular off the bench for them in the championship, will they let him leave on loan?
  14. theres a video of when he was at southend on the virgin media site, sum guy asked if he was staying at southend and he said they were discussing personal terms....he was then asked if he was going back to sheff wednesday to which he replied " il never go back to sheffield wednesday" although he is back there now, the fans dont like him and its only due to injurys why he's in the team, like someone said previously, he'll move towards the end of the window, although with his wages, i dunno if it will be to us
  15. That Mike Ashley has a lot of fans to keep happy, he's got money so its not really an issue. Must have a replacement lined up as the new manager will want to strengthen during the window...Houllier or someone like that, as long as they keep away from our Shez lol
  16. Think this is Great News... hope we can agree personal terms...id imagine the fee would be what the same as what southend agree'd on! £200k was it?? he lives in sheffield i believe so its not like its far away, we may be his prefered choice? dont think davies would go anywhere(yet) 3 up top with davies dropping too the right maybe?
  17. always on the cards, talk of him gettin the england job only a few months back lol
  18. yeah i had to walk back to the car park in stanley park (£8!!!!!! daylight robbery) had my shirt on and had people saying 'well done' and 'hope you get a good draw', i was a little suprised they let us out at the same time as there was 5500 of us, but no problems at all....i have read on some of the football ground review sites that they are one of most welcoming clubs/fans in the prem. nice club, nice fans! wish em well for rest of season!
  19. i dont think anyone is picking out kilkenny (certainly not me anyway) on his performances. infact ian cheeseman on GMR tonight said he was the only positive from the game. but its his attitude that stands out, i mean swearing at your own teams fans ? bit far if you ask me, even if he was getting some stick!
  20. told fans in the NSM paddock to F*&K OFF today after him gettin booed for another short corner, and also said "well you effin get out here if you think you lot can do any effin better" about 30secs later.... gone in january, his heads elsewhere, i also get the impression that the other players dont like him, he's constantly havin ago at team mates (and shez) for the whole match..ok it happens in football, but he takes it too far ktf
  21. 'all we want for christmas, is huggghheesssss' il get me coat
  22. aye, looks alright, wonder what the killie fans think of him? will he have played with McDonald? EDIT: beat me to the mcdonald link shuck
  23. few decent goals on youtube nish goal nish goal 2
  24. im a season ticket holder, but never recieve any of the letters/mail other ST holders do( i.e letter re. plans to relocate from NSM), even though they took a copy of my drivers licence at the time of purchase, so im thinking i wont recieve my clubcard, does anyone have a number i can contact to make sure i recieve it? cheers, Gaz
  25. just reported on sky sports news he wants to make his loan move to udders permanant
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