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  1. Looked a stonewall pen that. FGR commentary seems to think it wasn't though?
  2. Home - B - quite like it. Away - A - 'best' of a bad bunch.
  3. Yeah I'm listening to their commentary too (which is really good actually compared to ours) and he's just said they've re looked at the stream and he gets the ball as clear as day... Still, couldn't care less, I'll take it all day long
  4. Unbelievable Jeff, would never have predicted this in a million years!
  5. If the new #frenchlad can play midfield he has to come on at half time Garrity, McCalmont and Whelan absolute Dog Shit
  6. I was going to say we've got the shittest midfield In the league, but its she shittest squad full stop.
  7. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/september/11092020-benachour-becomes-youth-team-manager/ Selim Benachour
  8. We're trying to sign midfielder Jamie Barjonas on loan from Rangers, according to the Scottish Sun.
  9. Linked with all the big boys, plus PSG and a few championship clubs
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