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  1. Was that Wheater giving the ball away then? Fucking dreadful.
  2. Keep forgetting to predict... Latics 0-2 Walsall (HT 0-1) No scorer 3051
  3. I work at the hospital, our department was given a bunch of free tickets the other week (I can only assume other departments were too) Not one ticket given to our dept. was taken.
  4. Adjourned for another 2 weeks... I wonder how many more interested parties the MP manages to rustle up between now and the next court date...
  5. I've hardly seen us this season, watching on my IPTV...but my god were fucking terrible.
  6. So far the plan is for the defence to launch the ball up to Hamer in the right wing position, who'll win the header, but Vera gets nowhere near it, they come away with the ball...rinse... repeat... Oh and this Otis Khan is ripping us a new one
  7. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/watch-ex-manchester-united-footballer-16996047 Video of it on the MEN article
  8. It was on in the background but I'm pretty sure I heard him say there won't be any interference from above (I assume he must have been asked a question on it by the reporter) Edit- the interview I half saw was on Granada reports, done on the training ground
  9. Draw at home to Grimsby town... Deary me.... Most definitely a De De De De, fucking shambles!!
  10. We've been in for him previously haven't we?
  11. Sinnott says Wheaters going nowhere, Nepo's out the door.
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