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  1. It's gonna be Wheater back to Bolton isn't it!
  2. He can't even get on the bench to be a bench warmer
  3. What's going on with Edmundson, seems to be 4th choice centre half and can't even get on the bench. Was dropped from the Europa League squad the other week too and didn't travel. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/george-edmundsons-rangers-puzzler-mystery-18988671
  4. This is the lad we had in pre season that's related to a club sponsor isn't it?
  5. He explained you have to prove you have enough cash available upfront to run the club for 2 seasons (£1.2mil per season in Bury's case) and another £1.5mil to go towards clearing essential/urgent debts.
  6. Ivan Lewis MP just on radio manc, says he's introduced a consortium in the last few hours to Steve Dale & EFL. He's appealing to the EFL for an extra 24hrs to sort everything but they have the proof of funds (best part of £4mil) the EFL require. He says the other bid is former Gateshead owner Joseph Cala, (who sounds a bit dodgy himself!)
  7. Looks like a last-minute deal to sell the club to Rory Campbell (son of Alistair) has been agreed.
  8. Got them ray guns they can kill em off with though!!
  9. Weren't we linked with Joe Pigott from Wigan in pre-season?
  10. Latics 0-2 Exeter (0-1 HT) No Latics scorer 3281
  11. Adam Moralee that isn't it? The lawyer/director? Or David Seligman
  12. Agreed I said in the FGR thread that we were 5 players short of getting a result, I wouldn't count any of the expected incomings mentioned above towards the 5 I think we need.
  13. Champions - Plymouth Dark horses - Newport Relegated - Macc and Cheltenham Latics - 17th. Latics TS - Wilson Latics POTS - Sylla Banny - Won't see the January transfer Window
  14. We're about 5 players short of getting a result.
  15. I didn't attend the meeting, so can only go off what I've read on Twitter etc. But the sale of the land (other than the stadium footprint) is nothing to do with the FLG is it? It's Blitz selling it to a developer in a separate transaction. The £7mil is purely for the stadium footprint, car park and everything on it isn't it?
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