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  1. I think the original plan by TTA (when the full stadium redevelopment was planned) was to build it in the corner between the now North stand and RRE... Not sure if that's still possible or if that's still the plan.
  2. Some detail from tonight (click on the above tweet and it opens up into a thread on twitter)....
  3. Agreed! I knew a Bury player who played under their previous owner, and it was around the time we in the press for late payment of wages. It used to annoy me that the media jumped all over us, yet left Bury well alone when in fact the situation there was a lot worse. He was NEVER paid on time, and regularly had bonuses (particularly appearance fees, which made up a lot of his wage ) held back.
  4. Apparently Egert was highly rated before his injuries, played in the Czech Republic before moving to England to study at university. Started training/playing for Derby uni & Mickleover sports but John McGrath (former burton player, manager of Mickleover) rang Clough to say he was far to good for that level and ended up signing for Burton when they were in the championship.
  5. It's now changed, but it appeared Fage, McHale, Egbert, Gonzalez & Eagles all available to have printed on new shirts with squad numbers
  6. "shite blonde lad" gets a few mentions on twitter.
  7. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/f96o2-Ng_NdIu-7fMGQL8T9Hcuo/appointments
  8. You'd hope a builder/developer wouldn't be overpaying for it like Owen (I know, I know) suggested. Might be getting mates rates off Blitz though, haven't they got previous business interests together?
  9. I've no idea how he'd fund it, but wasn't there talk of AL looking at potential sites for relocation when he first arrived? (One being counthill iirc)
  10. Why wouldn't AL react like that? If it was me and someone was quite obviously trying to force me out of a club I'd (allegedly) invested millions in, I think I'd do the same! Don't agree with most of the things AL has done, but I don't YET understand the huge support this FLG has, when nobody seems to know who they are, and it doesn't appear they have the money themselves to purchase and run the club?? Or am I missing something?
  11. Quite a few trialists featured tonight in a 4-1 win for the u23's against Glossop. Not sure if they are youth trialists or looking at them for the first team?
  12. Saw the name Piggott from Wigan mentioned earlier on twitter, no idea if it was one of these wind up accounts or not?
  13. So is George now the C*nt for screwing over everybody's favourite chairman Mr MacAnthony or is it still AL's fault?
  14. Chris Taylor on the bench today for Bradford Vs Liverpool. edit - looks like he's already played once in their friendly the other night along with Andy Taylor, although Andy not named today.
  15. Without looking, Florian Gonzalez and Sohny Sefil?
  16. Sky Sports say Leicester turn down an approach from Brentford for Iversen.
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