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  1. Some people are determined to be miserable. There's enough misery at this club though, got to enjoy the wins when they come and indulge in hopeful speculation for the future. Even if you know in the back of your mind it will all come crashing down regardless of progress on the pitch.
  2. They looked determined to get another draw for the last 15 minutes but credit yo the players for hanging on and to KC forgetting to a point where they are capable of it. Need to keep improving on that now.
  3. Didn't manage to start watching until 20 minutes in. Heard the Bradford commentary team say that they were struggling to break down Oldham's defensive structure. Bloody hell, didnt know we had one of those.
  4. Sat back and invited them on. 2 very defensive subs compounded that. Disappointing that we didn't manage to keep the clean sheet and 3 points. A 1 nil win would have been a really positive result for Curle and would have built confidence in his approach. Although only conceding 1 is still pretty good for this team...
  5. Thought we looked like we struck a good balance between getting forward and being solid at the back in that half. Still look shaky but it will be a work in progress.
  6. Well, what a shit show that was. Same old story really, non league calibre defence costing us.
  7. That challenge was so stupid for the pen. The man was facing away from goal and was leaving the penalty area. No need to get near him. Such a lack of quality at the back. Unfortunately for KC there's nothing he can do about that.
  8. I couldn't watch on Tuesday but I did listen abd it sounded awful. KC seems to have tweaked it slightly for today and it's working do far.
  9. Could we sign a free agent centre back with his wages? Would I be right in thinking that we wouldn't be able to register them for the squad or is that just on Football manager?
  10. Just a desperate attempt to stop him supporting Utd like the rest of my partner's family. I'm hoping he will become addicted to the misery.
  11. Ah ok, I did try last week but it just rang out. I'll just keep trying.
  12. When is the ticket office open? Need to give them a ring about an U12s ST.
  13. Didn't he say in his postmatch that it wasn't concussion but a smash in the mouth? Might just be semantics but he didn't indicate a concussion.
  14. I watched his interview this morning and came away thinking he seems like the solid, experienced manager that we have been desperately needing and that I'll be amazed if he sees out the 2 months. He's the type to call a spade a spade and call a fool a fool and that won't go down well at all. He already said in that interview that all owners think their team should be at the top but it can't always be the fault of the players and manager why they aren't. That kind of on point honesty will see him out of the door quickly if the recent past is anything to go by.
  15. Great listen, lots of really interesting things to take in. The kind of long term planning discussed here really should be going on within the trust and the fanbase. Unfortunately I think we're so fractured and apathetic that it would be difficult to do. I would really like to hear someone from the trust on the pod again to discuss their objectives and how they intend to plan for the future.
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