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  1. Sir Nick Henry my all time favorite player is on the front row .....
  2. He made strong runs ....... that about sums him up but he had a couple of really good games and backed them up with some stinkers where he spent most of his time falling over from innocuous challenges.
  3. From a Bradford supporting colleague ...... he had an altercation with another senior player and after that wasnt interested.
  4. We used this technology once ... with a please Joe dont go ..... how about a whip round and a Please Mo just Go whizzing around the three stands that are working ??
  5. Having attended a couple of matches with my sister in the mid to late 70s .... watching us destroy Huddersfield 6-0 ... I was finally hooked in 85-86 season ... in the chaddy .... stood just behind the goal ... the atmosphere as the team came on was amazing .... That was the season we failed to win the playoffs when any other season we would have gone up automatically. I was a season ticket holder and regular away fan until 1996 when my best mate emigrated to America ..... I tried really hard to continue to go, sadly it became more of a financial burden and I stopped being a season ticket unti
  6. Owen Effing Coyle ............. Andy Payton ....... David Speedie
  7. Dmaarms on twitter says were in for a center half from L2
  8. My mate who is a Bradford supporter says deal is done ........ and also mentioned Donaldson, maybe we could use the Tardis on him and take him back to 2011 ish
  9. Matt ........ I've now listened to pretty much all of them ..... great job ... good questions and nothing silly in the content.
  10. Dare we dream for 3 points ? who will he pick ? will snow stop play?
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