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  1. Family first should be a motto for everyone .... I will be attending the first game because my best buddy is over from the US and its where we go when he's home. Im not letting the con man con me out of that time .... If I can swallow my pride you also can ...... there is an upside as he may well think ... well look at this this boycott isnt to bad ...... then the following home game .... despair
  2. Driven by employers who apply the most ridiculous scales to those who call in sick .... who in turn are driven by those who call in sick because they cant be arsed going to work for a plethora of reasons other than actually being ill !!
  3. Wearing masks doesnt suit some people (the pretty and the beefcakes) but they dont seem to be the ones catching the virus which in itself makes it more pertinent to wear yours correctly. I long for normal but once the kids are off and are in and out of each other's houses combined with public transport in 20+ degree heat ... it wont be long before we all get it .... and then what ?
  4. With that smile ............. no way
  5. Yeah .. your instant join link worked a treat
  6. Won't accept the code .. could a boffin please confirm Hamilton Athletic are in ?
  7. Profit from Selling Mcaleny and Bahamboola but not telling us
  8. Hold on there ... thats my position and I am terrible at this sort of stuff.
  9. Sir Nick Henry my all time favorite player is on the front row .....
  10. He made strong runs ....... that about sums him up but he had a couple of really good games and backed them up with some stinkers where he spent most of his time falling over from innocuous challenges.
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