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  1. Weird game. 2 nil down in a flash when we looked to be doing ok. 3 nil down and I'd seen us play much worse. We aren't enough of a threat in the final third. Just not incisive enough.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_record_home_attendances_of_English_football_clubs
  3. Football is a different animal these days. Even Utd, City etc would only get circa 30k back then.
  4. If they don't know know where Oldham is they are not worth speaking to.
  5. I think that was the book the presenter of Boxing Matters on boxnation might have mentioned as being a top read. The Road to Nowhere by Tris Dixon is supposed to be a good book.
  6. And pretty much next to the biggest employer in the borough ! The hospital...
  7. Beautiful tune...and title rather apt for us 'tics today...
  8. Some good tunes on this thread that I'd possibly never have come across. Recently rediscovered the Music section on my SKY TV Guide. It's full of absolute :censored:e. Even VH1 is gash, aand I can't find Q any more. But Vintage TV is a little gem.
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