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  1. Best way to get to Fulham by car? Would prefer to park on the outskirts and get tube/train in
  2. Typical Latics. You're sat 1 nil up at home watching us play Exeter, up to 5th in the 'as it stands ' table...thinking that 'we aren't possibly going to lose against these' and 'get something out of the Carlisle and Vale games and will be cementing ourselves in the top'... Well.....
  3. Football is a different animal these days. Even Utd, City etc would only get circa 30k back then.
  4. Whilst I think we officially had about 3,300 there, I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually more like 4,000 when you factor in all those in the home ends.
  5. Been going on and off since 88, but unfortunately didn't get taken to the Sheff Weds match! However the Smith goal vs Everton was, for me, a real stand-out moment. I think the atmosphere created by us in the 20 mins or so before Smith scored was something I'd not seen at a home game for a long long time, if ever before. And when the goal came, to me it felt like the fans had really played a part in spurring the team on and getting us back on terms. I'd never really liked The Great Escape chant but it was great how it went on and on and on. Biggest league away following
  6. It's crackin' t'flags up 'ere in Morecambe. Bit of a nip in the air, mind.
  7. We hit a bad run of form just at the wrong time. But we deserved to go down. Needed a bit of steel in the team but unlucky with injuries to Gerrard etc. Not sure about the new owner. We seem to just be a shop window for loads of foreign players. Hope AL proves me wrong. Not sure I blame Wellens - we've got a squad of about 50 but just who did he a actually sign himself? Luck has run out this time.
  8. Sad day. Grew up with the Chron in our house. I was smiling to myself the other day when my nine year old was reading up on Latics in the Chron whilst having his supper, just as I did as a 9 year old back in 1990. Only the stories were usually more interesting back then! Gutted for the staff. Thought Matt Chambers was a top reporter. How many miles must he have done this last 12 years following Latics?!
  9. It's a shame that this EU referendum seems to have, for many, been one big protest against immigration on one side and perceived Tory anti-socialist values on the other. For me one of the only politician who's been true and honest in all this is Corbyn and now he's getting it more than anyone. His problem is he's too honest.
  10. Ze final solution ya? [Where's that smiley hiding behind a wall gone?]
  11. For a town so rich in musical pedigree to give the world the likes of....erm...Mark Owen and N-Trance... you'd think our fans could muster something better than the suggestions on this thread..
  12. As these two say, let's do things our own way. https://youtu.be/VuKEjyERl14
  13. Lost. 0 - 22. Are Broncos expected to do well? Are they full - time?
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