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  1. Quick question. In previous years, I've forgotten on a handful of occasions to submit my predictions. I have therefore previously submitted predictions for every single fixture at the start of the season, then just updated them prior to each game (where I've remembered)! Would that be possible with this new system also, if it only recognises the most recent prediction? Could I submit my predictions now for every single game, then just update them prior to each match? Cheers
  2. After grafting my way to the playoffs to then forget to predict the first leg, is almost as bad as last year when I got to the cup final only to submit an invalid prediction! Thanks @yarddog73 for keeping me in it with your fairly weak effort, very sporting of you!
  3. Newport 2-0 Latics (HT 1-0) No Latics Scorer Att: 3,567
  4. Exeter 2-0 Latics (HT 1-0) No Latics Scorer Att: 5,111
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